History Final

  1. What was the Bolshevik motto?
    "All power to soviets"
  2. Who was leader of Bolsheviks?
  3. Describe Russia in 1917, and then before revolution
    • revolutions everywhere- 1917
    • before revolutions society led by aristocrats, "backwards" society
  4. What determined the Bolsheviks success in defeating their opponents?
    they(the provisional government) surrendered without bloodshed
  5. How did Russia look under Stalinism?
    modern industrial power
  6. Describe Stalin's five year plans, forced collectivization of farms, and their outcomes on Russian people
    • 5 year plans: focused on heavy industry, increasing transportation/farm output which resulted in low wages and scarcity of goods
    • Collectivization: peasants revolted, Stalin destroyed Kulaks(wealthy peasants), improved Stalin's control but not farm goods
  7. Who was rasputin and why was he important?
    peasant who was said to be a "holy man", influenced czarina Aleandra- she made decisions based off of his word and his word alone. created weakend confidence in government. he was killed
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