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  1. Define Bourgeoisie
    The top of the lower class
  2. Define First Estate
  3. Define Second Estate
  4. Define Third Estate
    Majority of lower population.
  5. Define Napoleonic Code
    His strict rule that he used to impose French customs on others.
  6. Define Scorched Earth Policy
    Policy where Russia would run further into Russia and burn everything behind them to escape invaders.
  7. What were the causes of the French Revolution?
    Third estate grew angry with the First Estate. They were mad at the monarchy that wouldnt do anything but over spend and hoard food. There were bad harvests. They wanted to overthrow the government and kill anyone who posed a threat to the rebellion.
  8. What was the purpose of the Reign of Terror?
    To kill people against the rebellion and scare people into joining the rebellion.
  9. What reforms did Napoleon create in France?
    The Napoleonic Code. He improved economy by controlling prices, encourgaing new industyr, building roads and canals, setting up public service system, setting up public schools, made peace with the catholics and made jobs.
  10. What were Napoleons three major mistakes
    • 1.Invading Russia
    • 2.Imposing French sustoms on others
    • 3.Putting his family on the throne
  11. Where did Napoleon's last battle take place?
    The Battle of Waterloo
  12. Who led the Reign of Terror?
    Maximilien Robespierre.
  13. Name Napoleons most important reform.
    The Napoleonic Code. It used Enlightenment ideas like equality, religious toleration and merit based advancment.
  14. What were the effects of Napoleons conquests?
    He added areas to France. France became one of the most powerful countries.
  15. Which event symbolized the start of the French Revolution?
    The Storming of the Bastielle.
  16. What was the major outcome of the French Revolution?
    They dislodged the old social order, overthrew the monarchy and brought the Church under state control.
  17. What was the final result of Napoleons invasion of Russia?
    It was the begining of Napoleons downfall.
  18. What can one deduce from knowledge of the events and outcomes of the French and Russian Revolutions?
    People can only take so much before they do something about it.
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