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  1. Define Bolsheviks.
    Led by Lenin; the majority of the communists. They wanted a fast change to a communist govermnet
  2. Define the Five-Year Plans.
    Plan by Stalin where they modernized and got a command economy.
  3. Define Collectivization
    Pooling of land and labor in an attempt to increase efficiency.
  4. Proletariat
    Working Class.
  5. What factors led to the Russian Revolution?
    The ineptitude of the czar. Anger about the losses in WWI.
  6. Why did many Russians fear Rasputin?
    He was crazy. He had too much influence on the cazarina.
  7. What took place in 1917?
    The Bolsheviks launched a disastorous offensive effor against Germany.
  8. Who fought the Russian Civil War?
    The Bolsheviks fought to over throw the Menshevicks.
  9. How did Stalin eliminate his enemies in the Soviet Union?
    The Reign of Terror.
  10. What policies did Stalin institute in the Soviet Union?
    The 5-year and collectivism.
  11. What was the motto of the Bolsheviks?
    Peace Land and Bread.
  12. Who led the Bolsheviks?
  13. Describe the climate in Russia in 1917.
    Everyone was upset and on the verge of Revolution.
  14. What determined the Bolsheviks success in defeating their opponents?
    They were organized unlike their opponents.
  15. How did Russia look under Stalinism?
    Modern, industrial, powerful.
  16. Who was Rasputin, and why was he important?
    A russan monk who saved the czars sons life. He had heavy influence over the Czarina.
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