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  1. What did Stalin do inbetween the wars?
    He continued to fix Russia.
  2. What country did Stalin rule?
    Soviet Union
  3. What country did Roosevelt rule?
  4. What country did Mussolini rule?
  5. What country did Churchill rule?
  6. What did the League of Nations do in the 1930s?
    They made Japan withdraw because they attacked Manchuria.
  7. What group did Hitler target Germans to hate?
    The Jewish People
  8. How did dictators ride to power in the 1930s?
    Taking advantage of the bad economy and bettering the country
  9. How did Hitler and the Nazi party specificly rise to power?
    They took advantage of the great depression, promised to end reparations, create jobs and defy the treaty of Versailles.
  10. Where did the dictators test their newly developed military hardware?
  11. Describe the Weimar Republic after WWI and how it was perceived.
    It set up Parlimentary system led by Chancelor and gave woman the right to vote. It included a Bill of Rights.
  12. While the dictators rose to power, what was happening politically in the United States?
    The Great Depression. They also stayed isolated and neutral.
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