World War I

  1. What were the 14 points? who created them?
    • created by Wilson
    • freedom of seas
    • free trade
    • reduction of arms
    • end of secret treaties
    • self determination for new nations
  2. Which event triggered the start of WWI?
    German invasion of Belgium
  3. Explain poistion taken by the US with regard to WWI at its onset
    wanted to remain neutral, just got out of great depression don't want to go to war
  4. Define imperialism and nationalism and state their roles in WWI
    • imperialism- ruling another country politically or economically
    • Germany and Italy wanted overseas territories like France/Britain
    • nationalism- devotion and pride in your country
    • Nationalism made some nations opposed to and angered by imperialism
  5. What role did alliances play in the war?
    made war harder to end, people felt a new sense of power and security with others by their side
  6. list the results of the Treaty of Versailles
    • germany assume full blame
    • reparations $30 billion
    • smaller military
    • lost French territories, German land, overseas
    • uneasiness in Europe
  7. Who were the central powers?
    • germany
    • ottoman empire
    • italy
    • austria-hungary
  8. who were the allies?
    France, Britain, Russia
  9. describe the effects of monestary compensation
    already struggling germany sent into a deeper depression trying to pay reparations
  10. outcomes of treaty of versailles
    • italy was mad because they didn't get land promised to them in a secret treaty with Allies
    • Japan was mad because no one recognized their claims in china
    • china was mad because they had to honor german claims
    • russia was infuriated by the reestablishment of Poland
  11. Name reasons the US sided with the allies during WWI
    • unrestricted submarine warfare
    • zimmermann note
    • cultural ties
  12. what term describes agreement between parties to stop fighting?
  13. what factor decided the outcome of WWI?
    US joining and boosting allies' morale
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