History Final

  1. "Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains." Who said it? Why?
    • Karl Marx- communism manifesto
    • he despised capitalism- created weatlh for a few poverty for most
  2. Where did the industrial revolution begin? where did it go to?
    • Britain
    • went through europe, north america, globe
  3. What were the outcomes of the industrialization
    improved methods of farming, enclosure movement, population explosion, new technologies- coal, windmills, watermills
  4. What was the main idea pushed by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations?
    • Laissez Faire
    • free market regulates business
    • supply and demand
  5. Describe effects of British Enclosure movement and new farming technology
    Farm outputs rose, profits rose, farm laborers lost jobs, small farmers lost land, farm workers all went to city- caused industrial revolution
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