1. size of uterus at 8 weeks
    tennis ball
  2. size of uterus at 10 weeks
  3. size of uterus at 12 weeks
    softball or grapefruit
  4. wt gain for normal BMI woman during prg
    25-35 lbs
  5. what happens to size of gallbladder during prg
    doubles in size
  6. UA results during normal prg
    glucose and protein present
  7. when does diastolic bp drop most in prg
    2nd trimester
  8. what happens to serum insulin levels during prg
    rise 2-10x
  9. recommended number of prenatal visits
  10. recommended freq of prenatal visits up to 28 wks
  11. recommended freq of prenatal visits 28-36 wks
  12. routine screening test at 35-37 wks gestation
  13. Edwards syndrome is what trisomy
    trisomy 18
  14. when is quad screen done
    16-20 wks
  15. best time for amniocentesis
    after 15 weeks
  16. best time for CVS
    10-15 weeks
  17. what is included in Quad Screen
    hCG, AFP, estriol, inhibin A
  18. risk of Down Syndrome in women 40+
    1 in 100
  19. in Quad Screen a high AFP might indicate what
    neural tube defect
  20. low AFP in the Quad Screen might indicate what
    Down Syndrome or Edwards Syndrome
  21. how do inhibin A results differ in Trisomy 21 and 18
    high in 21 and low in 18
  22. is AFP high or low in Down Syn
  23. is AFP high or low in Edwards Syn
  24. what are levels L1, L3, and L5 in Hale's Lactation Risk categories
    L1 controlled studies show no risk in bfing ; L3 no controlled study shows significant risk ; L5 contraindicated
  25. psych drugs that are category D in prg
    tricyclics and benzos
  26. what prg category are SSRIs
  27. bactiuria and UTI should be treated for how many days in prg
  28. abx that Cat D in prg
    doxycline, gentamicin
  29. tx for positive GBS result
    intrapartum abx
  30. how to collect specimen for GBS screen
    swab lower vagina, introitus and then rectum
  31. what do hCG levels look like in ectopic prg
    low with no normal rate of increase
  32. threatened abortion
    bleeding but cervix closed
  33. avg labor for primi
    9 hrs
  34. avg labor time for multip
    6 hrs
  35. bright red bleeding pp possible sign of what?
  36. shape of ant and post fontanelle at birth
    diamond in front ; triangle in back
  37. CVS can detect what?
    chromosomal abnormalities but not anatomical abnormalities
  38. how many cafe au lait spots might lead you to suspect neurofibromatosis
    more than 5
  39. military children with parent on long deployment at risk for what
  40. why is mineral oil not a good laxative during prg
    it inhibits absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  41. when does n/v usu disappear in prg
    by week 20
  42. spontaneous abortion is loss of fetus before when
    22 weeks
  43. recommended 1st trimester wt gain for underwt woman
    5 lbs
  44. what will happen to course of RA during prg
    in 75% of women they have temp remission during prg
  45. sequence of introducing solid foods at 6 mos
    cereals, fruits, yellow veg, green veg, meat
  46. when should BP screening begin in children
    3 yo
  47. supplement to relieve leg cramps in prg
  48. when to move from car seat to booster
    at 40 lbs
  49. when to move from booster to regular car seat
    at 70 lbs
  50. at what age should lead screening beging
    12 yo
  51. when should MMR vacc beging
    at 12 mos
  52. risks of excess Fe during prg
    premature delivery, LBW
  53. what is the Piskacek Sign
    soft asymmetrical enlargement of uterus
  54. Hegars sign
    softening of uterine isthmus
  55. Chadwicks sign
    bluish color to cervix and upper vagina, a presumptive sign of prg
  56. elements of APGAR score
    breathing effort, HR, muscle tone, reflexes, skin color
  57. what is the Bishops score
    assessment of cervical ripening and whether induction is needed
  58. primary  genital HSV early in prg risks what
    spontaneous abortion
  59. why should nitrofurantoin be avoided in last trim of prg
    risk of hemolysis
  60. Max dosing and duration of APAP for pain in children
    5 doses daily x 5d
  61. 1 year old should drink how much cows milk daily
  62. is idiopathic scoliosis painful
  63. how long should ASA tx last in Kawasaki Dz
    6-8 wks until no sx of coronary abnormalities
  64. diff between Ortolani and Barlow tests
    Ortolani you abduct hips ; Barlow you rock knees medially
  65. what to do if tooth knocked out
    wash gently and replant asap
  66. Is the HPV vaccine indicated in prg?
  67. char's of Angelman Syndrome
    no speech, sz, gait d/o, happy and excitable
  68. char's of Prader-Willi Syndrome
    low motor tone, incomplete sexual dev, obesity
  69. What % of ASD kids develop epilepsy before adulthood
  70. What is Spaldings Sign?
    overlapping of cranial bones on u/s.  sign of fetal death
  71. apply warm or cold to breasts tender after bfing
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