Biology final part 2

  1. what is a population?
    A group of interacting species in a habitat
  2. What is a Community?
    Groups of interacting populations in a given habitat
  3. What is a ecosystem?
    Given area with interacting biotic and abiotic factors
  4. What is Biodiversity
    Number of different types of organisms that live in an area, greater when you get closer to the equator
  5. What is a climax community
    Everything is at carring cappacity tipicaly oldest community very stable
  6. What is Reasource Partitioning
    division of reasources (owl hunts at night, hawk hunts during the day)
  7. What are two types of vascular tissue
    Strems and roots
  8. What are diciduous trees?
    have broad leaves that shed in the fall, flowers
  9. What is a coniferous tree?
    Cone bearing, has needles that stay on year round
  10. discribe a freshwater biome
    effected by temature sunlight and oxygen, ponds lakes and rivers
  11. What is a marine biome
    Vary according to amount of sunlight degree of water temp and water movement, very high biodiversity
  12. What is a temprate rainforest
    Two far north to have year round warmness 300cm of rain
  13. What is a Boreal Forest (taiga)
    Cold harsh climate mostly carniforus trees low precipitation
  14. What is a Gymnosperm
    naked seed (carniforus trees)
  15. What is a angiosperm
    Flowering plants
  16. What is perma Frost?
    frozen year round never thaws
  17. According to bermans rule what is said about an animals body size in terms of latitude
    When you get further away from the equator the bodys get more shperical
  18. According to allens rule what can be said about the size of the animals appendages in terms of latitude
    when you get further away from the equator the appendages get shorter
  19. What are the limits of tollerance
    range of conditions under which a organism is able to function and survive
  20. How is population growth calculated?
  21. Why do population sizes fluctuate naturaly?
    Because once you reach carrying capacity enviromental resistance causes it to fluctuate
  22. Why did we look at mammal Skulls?
    so we can learn the difference of teeth with the different diets
  23. What are the differences between a rabbit skull and a coyote skull
    Rabbit skulls have large incizers while coyotes have large canines
  24. Why is carrying capacity important when talking about populations
    if a population exceeds carrying capacity the food resources will die out
  25. What is habitat fragmentation
    when vegitation is cleared by human activity
  26. What are habitat corridors?
    a strip of land that aids the movement of species between disconected habitats
  27. What are autotrophs
    produces own food has the most atp
  28. What are heterotrophs
    organsims that rely on other organisms for food
  29. What are decomposers
    breaks down no longer living things
  30. What is an indicator species?
    Very frigile, lets us know when the habitat is failing
  31. WHat is a Keystone species?
    Keeps ecosystems stable, without it the habitiat will fail
  32. What are the ways that organims survive the winter
    Hibernation, dormancy, activeness, and migration
  33. What is wisconsin state bird, animal and fish
    Robin, badger, and muskee
  34. What is the kingdom protista?
    Group of eukaryotes both unicellular and muliticellular, autotrophs and heterotrophs
  35. What is the kingdom plantae
    macrosocpic, eukaryotic, multi celled and autotroph
  36. What are the divisions below kingdom?
    Phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
  37. What is the kingdom animalia
    Macroscopic, eukaryotic, multicelled, heterotroph
  38. What is the kingdom eubacteria
    Procaryotic, autotroph and heterotroph, unicelled
  39. What is the kingdom archebacteria
    Procaryote, autotrophs, Found in extream enviroments, unicellular
  40. what do the arrows on the food web tell us
    the way the energy is flowing
  41. What is an owl pellet?
    regurgitation of food that could not be digested
  42. why do trees disapear in succsession
    the reasources are limited causeing the weeker to die out
  43. Why do trees appear in succsession
    there is room for the trees to reproduce and take over
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