Perception & Neuropsychology

  1. If I have acalculia and contralateral neglect, I've damaged which lope?
    • a.) Parietal lope
    • b.) Temporal lopeĀ 
    • c.) Frontal lope
    • d.) Occipital lopeĀ 

    • Answer: Parietal Lope.
  2. Contralateral neglect, Is when i neglect which side of the visual field?
    Answer: The left side.

  3. I have loss of executive control, loss of reasoning and change in personality. Which part of my brain have I damaged?
    Answer: Frontal lope.

  4. Define Agnosia.
    Answer: People who can't connect vision with knowledge.
  5. Which order does the main visual pathway go?
    Answer: Eyes- Lateral geniculate nuecleus- primary visual cortex.
  6. I can see the object but not the whole scene. I have...
    Answer: Dorsal simultagnosia.
  7. Associative agnosia is when..
    Answer: can't recognise objects even though i can see the object.
  8. Peppery mask?
    Answer: Apperceptive agnosia.
  9. Pattern perception?
    Answer: Top down, bottom up.
  10. If you put different wires in the brain, differnet things would move. Systemytopic mapping was discovered by?
    Answer: Fritsch and Hitzig (1870)
  11. The bullshit theory about lumps on the brain is called?
    Answer: Phrenology.
  12. Right side is visual and left side is verbal in the _______ lope.
    Answer: Temporal
  13. Declarative or explicit memories are?
    Answer: Facts and events.
  14. Evironmental dependancy syndrome is caused by damage to which lope?
    Answer: Frontal lope.
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