English Final

  1. Subject/ Verb agreement
    • They are/ He is
    • Plural Subjects with plural verbs
  2. Subject/ Object pairs
    • I/Me
    • He/ Him
    • We/ Us
    • Who / Whom
  3. 3 ways to fix a run-on sentence
    • Comma Conjunction
    • Period new sentence
    • Semi-colon
  4. Dependent Clause
    A sentence that starts with a where or when
  5. Independent clause
    A sentence that stands on its own
  6. Direct Characterization
    Writers say exactly what the characters are like
  7. Indirect Characterization
    Writers show us and let us decide on our own what the characters are like
  8. Exposition
    The start of the story before any action starts
  9. Inciting Incident
    Introduction to acton
  10. Rising action
    The series of conflicts that lead up to the climax
  11. Climax
    The turning point/ most intense moment either mentally or physically
  12. Falling action
    Action which foloows the climax
  13. Denouement
    The End, tying together of all loose ends
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