Theology Chapter 13

  1. according to matthew, jesus' disciples must forgive_______.
    77 times
  2. God called ____ to lead God's people out of slavery in Egypt into freedom in the land God promised to them.
  3. How did blood save lives at the first passover
    It made the angel of death pass over their house and spare their first born male
  4. How is jesus like us?not?
    He is like us in all ways except sin
  5. The_____ prayer tradition emphasizes praising God throughout the day by praying the Divine Office
  6. The _____ prayer tradition highlights the importance of seeking god in all things
  7. The _______ is the basis of our hope as 
  8. The gospel according to ____ is called the gospel of prayer
  9. Thomas Merton believed ____ and _____ to be the two most urgent issues of our time
    • Race
    • peace
  10. Thomas Merton belonged to a religious order called the ______ also known as the_________
    • trappist
    • Christian monks of the strict observance
  11. Through the Sacrament of _____ christians are incorperated into the Church
  12. What are the words of the Jesus prayer
    Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God, Have mercy on our souls
  13. What did St.paul teach about praying
    Pray without ceasing
  14. What does the Didavhe reveal about prayer in the early church
    They prayer the our father thrice daily
  15. Which ancient theologian was the first to note that the Lord's Prayer summarizes the Gospel
    St.Thomas Aquinas
  16. Why is the Our Father called the Lord's prayer
    Because Jesus prayed it to his father
  17. Prayer of intercession
    when we pray to god on someone else's behalf
  18. paschal
    From the hebrew word dhnfk, refering to Israel's passover
  19. Theologial virtues
    • faith 
    • hope
    • love
  20. The Gospel according to Matthew
    The book of the bible from which the words of the Our father are taken
  21. Beatitude
    meaning blessed or happy
  22. prayer of contrition
    When we pray to God to say sorry
  23. The Jesus Prayer
    A form of prayer from the church in the east
  24. The book of Exodus
    The book of the bible which we read the account of passover
  25. To hallow
    To respect and value someone as holy
  26. Paschal Mystery
    Christ's passion death and resurrection
  27. What are the three major forms of prayer
    • Vocal
    • meditiation
    • contemplation
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