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  1. John is planning on upgrading his BIOS.  What is the most important step to take before upgrading the BIOS?
    Make a note of all the BIOS settings.
  2. Harriet has just switched on her system and opened a Word document.  Unprompted, her computer suddenly connects to the Internet.  What kind of attack is this a symptom of?

    (a) An ACK attack
    (b) A worm
    (c) A logic bomb
    (d) A virus
    • (c) A logic bomb.  
    • Harriet's computer is exhibiting symptoms of a logic bomb.  A logic bomb notifies an attacker when a certain set of circumstances has occurred.  This triggers an attack on the system.
  3. What is a logic bomb?
    logic bomb is a piece of code intentionally inserted into software with the intention of setting off a malicious function when specified conditions are met or at a specific time.  Other malicious types of software, such as viruses and worms, often contain logic bombs. For example, a virus may be set to attack host systems on a specific day.
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