CSET - subtest I (history and social studies practice test)

  1. In California, the Mexican era ended about what date?
  2. Where do Algonquin-speaking people live in the US?
  3. Who said "I will fight no more--forever."
    Nez Perce Indian Chief Joseph
  4. Who was the first European to explore California?
  5. What was President Hoover's approach to the Depression?
    • acted slowly with a hands-off policy
    • but established a program that loaned money to employers
  6. During the Pullman and Anthracite strikes, the federal gov't favored _____ in the Pullman and ____ in the Anthracite.
    • management
    • unions
  7. Which group took the position for a weaker federal gov't?
    The Jeffersonians
  8. Which South American civilization featured human sacrifice?
  9. Which Allied leaders met at Potsdam in 1945? (3)
    Churchill, Truman, Stalin
  10. What two countries formed a Common Market?
    Britain and Western Europe
  11. What led to a schism in the Catholic Church?
    Constantinople as the eastern capital of the Roman Empire
  12. What treaty partitioned the Spanish Empire?
    Treaty of Utrecht
  13. Where was the Spanish-American war fought?
    Near Cuba
Card Set
CSET - subtest I (history and social studies practice test)
CSET - subtest I (history and social studies practice test)