1. hypomania
    • less than 4 days
    • no hospitalization required
  2. 1st line agent for mania
    • lithium
    • lamotrigiene
    • olanzapine
    • quietapine
  3. best initial test for mono?
    most accurate?
    • heterophile monospot test
    • evc-anitbody test
  4. signs of opiod withdrawal?
    rhinoorzea, abdominal carmping, pupil dilation
  5. ludwigs angina?
    infection of submandibular/sublingual glands secondary to infected teeth
  6. 5 types of schizophrenia?
    • paranoid
    • disorganized
    • residual
    • catatonic
    • undifferentiated
  7. crystalloids are what? albumin or normal saline?
    normal saline
  8. most common side effect of epidural anesthesia?
    blocking of sympathetic chains leading to venous pooling and hypotension
  9. 5 t's for masses in anterior mediastinum?
    • thymoma
    • thyroid
    • terrible lymphoma
    • thoracic aorta
    • teratoma
  10. middle mediastinum structures?
    • hematoma
    • aneurysm
    • bronchogenic cyst
    • inflammation of l.nodes
    • tumor of trachea
  11. risk factors for cervical incompetence?
    • preterm birth
    • obstetrical history
    • leep or cone biopsy
  12. most accurate test to check for cervix competence?
    transvaginal ultrasound
  13. rx for croup vs epiglottitis?
    croup-racemic epi

  14. what vitamin deficiency leads to seborheaic dermatitis?
    vit b 2
  15. what organic test is 50% abnormal in alzheimers?
    dexamethasone suppression test
  16. what symptoms must a pt with alzehiemrs exhibit?
    • gradual memory loss +
    • apraxia
    • agnosia
    • aphasia
  17. cause of conjunctivitis taht results in inflammatory follicles and neovascularization?t
  18. what kind of conjunctivits does trachoma cause?
    inflammatory follicles with neovascularization
  19. herpes simplex keratitis presents how?
    dendritic ulcer
  20. presentation of a posterior elbow dislocation?
    olecranon process is displaced behind the distal humerus
  21. dirty wound and possible tetanus infection, next step in management/>
    td booster only if vaccination is less than 8 years
  22. chronic ankylosing spondylitis poses a risk for?
    vertebral fractures
  23. colonoscopies for pts with uc?
    8 years after diagnosis and then annually
  24. what two drugs inhibit calcineurin?
    • cyclosporine
    • tacrolimus
  25. side effect of cyclosporine?
    • nephrotoxicity
    • neurotoxicity
    • gum hyperplasia
  26. what two drugs cause gum hyperplasia?
    • phenytoin
    • cyclosporine
  27. toxicity of mycophenolate?
    toxicity of azathioprine
    • bone Marrow suppression
    • diarrhea, bone marrow suppression
  28. paralytic used in kidney and liver failure?
  29. normal urine specific gravity?
  30. primary polydypsia is common among what patients?
  31. foul smelling sputum, rx?
    anaerobes and clindamycinw
  32. what is albright hereditary osetodystrophy?
  33. albright hereditary osteodystrophy symptoms?
    • short stature
    • short forth finger
    • hypocalcemia, hyperphophatemia and high pth
  34. rx for crptococcoal, histoplasmosis meningitis?
    amphotericin + flucytosine
  35. rx for coccidiomycosis lung infection?
    rx for histo/blastomycosis lung infection?

  36. induction therapy for cryptococcus meningitis?
    amphotericin + flucytosine

    itraconazole is maintenenace
  37. who has the right to medical records?
    the physician and the patient has the right to copies
  38. risk factors for nasopharyngeal carcinoma?
    • ebv
    • smoking
    • nitrosamines in food
  39. most useful parameter used in determining the fetal weight in the case of fetal growth restriction?
    abdominal circumference
  40. what is the best test to distinguish between symmetric and assymteric growth restriction?
    head to abdomen circumference ratio
  41. symmetric growth restriction occurs before how many weeks?
    • <28
    • >28
  42. what are the tests performed in the 1st trimester?
    2nd trimester?

    • quadruple screen
    • amniocentesis
    • percutaneous umbilical blood sampling
  43. what are the components of the full integrated test?
    • ultrasound measurment of nuchal translucency¬†
    • +
    • PAPP-A in second trimester from the maternal blood
  44. chorionic villi sampling poses what risk for the fetus?
    limb reduction defect
  45. most common cause of infertility in a woman >35 years old?
    decreased ovarian reserve-not enough occytes!
  46. 3 tests to test for infertility of agins?
    • clomiphene test
    • fsh level
    • inhibin level
  47. turcott vs gardner syndrome?
    • turcot--tumors in the brain plus polyps in gi
    • gardners--tumors of bone, fat plus polyps in gi
  48. who requires annual influenza shots?
    every adult
  49. whats is the pap smear guideline for women over 30?
    every 3 years if she had 3 consecutive negative pap smears
  50. when do you do latex agglutination test for bacteria?
    if antibiotics were given first
  51. what is the most common cause of orbital cellulitis?
    bacterial sinusitis
  52. causes of cavitation on lung?
    • tb
    • nocardia
    • coccidiomycosis
    • gram - rods
  53. most common cause of a communicating hydrocephalus in a neonate?
    non communicating?
    • sah
    • dandy walker--4th ventricle
    • arnold-chiari--tonsills in foramen magnum
  54. most common presentation of pe?
    • tachypnea
    • tachycardia
    • hypoxemia
  55. clots can arise from which part of the lower extremity?
    what is the most common source?
    above and below

    above the knee
  56. ego dystonic vs ego synstonic?
    syntonic--the person has a Symbiotic relationshiop with the disorder and it doesnt cause them distress
  57. when do you give post exposure prophylaxis for rabies concern?
    if the bite involves the head or the neck
  58. what prevents inh induced liver toxicity?
    nothin, vit b6 is for  neuropathy
  59. mode of hypercalcemia in hodking dz?
    production of calcitriol
  60. Difference between gestational trophoblastic neoplasia and choriocarcinoma?

    choriocarcinoma is metastatic
  61. most common cause of hip pain in children?
    transient synovitis
  62. next step in management if suspecting septic arthritis?
    tapping the joint
  63. moa of kayexalate?
    promotes exchange of na for k and binds k since it is a k binding resin
  64. alternative to contrast in ct procedures?
    non-ionic contrast
  65. choice of analgesia for severe pain regardless of addiction to opiod?
  66. most common side effect of epo in diabetics?
    • htn
    • headaches
  67. rx for cocaine induced ischemia?
    • benzo
    • nitrates
    • aspirin
  68. 1st line rx for prolactinoma?
    when is sx done?
    when is radiotherapy used?
    • carbergoline
    • when carbergoline fails
    • when sx and medical therapy fails
  69. most common caue of perforated esophagus?
  70. most accurate test for perforated esophagus?
  71. what drugs cause esophagitis?
    • potassium
    • bisphosphonates
  72. most accurate test for leprsoy?
    skin biopsy
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