Drinks - Set 1

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  1. 6 count/1.5 oz. pour vodka
    Fill with OJ
    No garnish
  2. 6 count/1.5 oz pour dark rum
    1.5 Amaretto
    1.5 triple sec
    Fill 1/2 pineapple & 1/2 sweet and sour
    Lime garnish
    Mai Tai
  3. 6 count/1.5 oz. pour Peach Schnapps
    Fill with OJ
    Cherry garnish
    Fuzzy Navel
  4. 6 count/1.5 oz pour vodka
    3 count/3/4 oz Peach Schnapps
    Fill 1/2 OJ and 1/2 Cranberry
    Lime and Lemon garnish
    Sex on the Beach
  5. 6 count/1.5 oz pour Tequila
    Fill with OJ
    Sink grenadine to bottom
    Cherry garnish
    Tequila Sunrise
  6. 6 count/1.5 oz pour Gin
    Fill with 1/2 sour & 1/2 soda
    Cherry and Orange garnish
    Tom Collins
  7. 6 count/1.5 oz pour Malibu
    3 count/3/4 oz pour Blue Curacao
    Fill with pineapple
    Cherry Garnish
    Blue Hawaiian
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Drinks - Set 1
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