Chapter 30

  1. What were the demographics changing to during this time?
    They were becoming older, more urban, and more ethnically and racially diverse.
  2. Where did the center of power shift to?
    I went away from the Northeast towards the West and South.
  3. What happened to the age of marraige?
    It delayed. People started marrying older.
  4. What happened to the growth rate?
    It almost halved.
  5. Why influenced the rise of the Sunbelt?
    • Air-conditioning
    • Tourism
    • Retirement communities
    • Lower labor costs and absence of strong union
    • "Silicon Valley"
    • NASA
  6. Where were more immigrants coming from?
    • Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America.
    • Mexicans were the largest group.
  7. What were "urban corridors"?
    They connected city centers and adjacent suburbs
  8. What did the pace of technological change brought transformation in?
    • Consumer products
    • Production processes
    • The structure of the labor force
  9. Who was Cesar Chavez?
    Leader of United Farm Workers (UFW)
  10. Who were "Neoconservatives"?
    • Claimed Democratic party retreated from an anticommunist foreign policy and catered to social activists
    • Wanted a rededication to limited government
  11. What causes the new religious right?
    Roe v. Wade
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