1. Laconic
    using few words in speech
  2. Pithy
    brief and full of meaning and substance, concise
  3. Reticent
    not talking much; reserved
  4. Bombastic
    using language in a pompous, showy way; speaking to impress others
  5. Diffuse
    spread out, not concise; wordy
  6. Loquacious
    • very talkative; liking to talk; garrulous
    • Hint: loq- relate to speaking
  7. Verbose
    using too many words; wordy; long-winded
  8. Voluble
    • talking a great deal with ease; glib
    • Hint: quantity, not volume
  9. Supercilious
    looking down on others; proud and scornful
  10. Banal
    • dull or stale because of overuse; trite; hackneyed
    • Hint: bla from banal
  11. Hackneyed
    made commonplace by overuse; trite
  12. Insipid
    lacking flavor or taste; unexciting
  13. Lackluster
    • lacking vitality, energy, or brightness; boring
    • Hint: from lack and luster - without shine or brilliance
  14. Platitude
    (n.) quality of being dull; an obvious remark uttered as if it were original
  15. Prosaic
    • dull; commonplace
    • Hint: prosaic mosaic- mosaic made up of individual pieces that are all one dull shade
  16. Trite
    unoriginal and stale due to overuse
  17. Vapid
    lacking freshness and zest; flat; stale
  18. Allay
    to lessen fear; to calm; to relieve pain
  19. Conciliate
    to win a person over through special considerations or persuasive methods; reconcile
  20. Mitigate
    to make or become less severe; to lessen pain or damage
  21. Mollify
    to pacify, soothe, or appease; to make less severe or violent
  22. Amicable
    showing goodwill; peaceable
  23. Congenial
    compatible; having kindred needs or tastes; sympathetic
  24. Gregarious
    • sociable, outgoin
    • Hint: greg- root fro group
  25. Levity
    lightheartedness; gaiety; carefree disposition, particularly when not appropriate
  26. Antagonism
    hatred or hostility
  27. Bellicose
    of a quarrelsome nature; eager to fight; warlike; belligerent
  28. Captious
    made for the sake of quarreling; quibbling
  29. Disputatious
    likely to dispute or argue
  30. Polemical
    inclined to argue or debate; controversial
  31. Pugnacious
    eager to fight; belligerent
  32. Largess
    • (n.) generous giving
    • Hint: large$$
  33. Munificent
    very generous
  34. Prodigal
    wasteful; lavish
  35. Austere
    having great economy; showing self-control when it comes to foregoing luxuries and frills; stern in manner or appearance
  36. Avaricious
    • greedy
    • Hint: avarice
  37. Penurious
    • stingy; relating to great poverty; destitution
    • Hint: penniless
  38. Quagmire
    a difficult or troubling situation; a swampy ground, bog, mire
  39. Baneful
    causing ruin; harmful; pernicious
  40. Iniquitous
    showing a lack of fairness; wicked; vicious
  41. Pernicious
    very destructive or harmful, usually in an inconspicuous and relentless way
  42. Rancorous
    deeply hateful or spiteful; malicious
  43. Virulent
    • extremely poisonous; deadly; full of spiteful hatred
    • Hint: virulent virus
  44. Castigate
    to scold or punish severely
  45. Censure
    to criticize strongly
  46. Deprecate
    • to show mild disapproval
    • Hint: depreciate- to lower value; deprecate- look down on something with a sense of lesser value
  47. Deride
    • to ridicule or make fun of; to scoff at
    • Hint: derision; rid-ridicule
  48. Impugn
    • to oppose or attack someone or something as false or refutable
    • Hint: pugnacious-ready to fight
  49. Rebuff
    to snub; to bluntly refuse
  50. Upbraid
    to chide; to scold bitterly
  51. Phlegmatic
    hard to get excited or emotional; calm; slow-moving
  52. Stolid
    lacking emotion or not showing any emotion; stoical
  53. Indolent
    • lazy; not wanting to do any work
    • Hint: indolence- idleness; InDoLEnce
  54. Languor
    • a weak or lifeless feeling
    • Hint: languor, linger; in languor I linger
  55. Soporific
    sleep-inducing; sleepy
  56. Torpid
    lacking energy; relating to inactivity; feeling sluggish
  57. Obsequious
    obeying or performing a service for someone in an overly attentive manner
  58. Slavish
    • slave-like; overly humble; involving very hard work
    • Hint: slave-ish
  59. Sycophant
    a self-server who tries to gain the favor of others through the use of flattery or by being overattentive
  60. Toady
    a flatterer; a sycophant
  61. Ardent
    full of passion and emotion
  62. Ebullient
    • filled with bubbly excitement, as if boiling over with excitement
    • Hint: bull- strong; initial e stand for enthusiasm- strong enthusiasm
  63. Effervescent
    lively; full of uplifted spirit; vivacious
  64. Dogmatic
    • strongly opinionated; rigid; dictatorial
    • Hint: dogma- a rigid set of beliefs; person who is dogmatic has ideas rooted in dogma
  65. Hidebound
    • strongly opinionated; narrow-mindedly stubborn
    • Hint: hide- leather; person bound in hide won't move
  66. Intractable
    stubborn; hard to manage
  67. Obdurate
    • resistant to persuasion or softening; stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
    • Hint: dura- hard; obdurate- hard headed
  68. Obstinate
    stubborn; inflexible
  69. Recalcitrant
    stubborn, disobedient; defiant
  70. Euphony
    • pleasing sound
    • Hint: eu- good
  71. Mellifluous
    • sweet and smooth sounding
    • Hint: mellifluous melodies
  72. Raucous
    coarse-sounding; loud and unruly
  73. Strident
    shrill; high-pitched
  74. Vociferous
    • loud and noisy regarding one's own voice, especially shouting; demandingly clamourous
    • Hint: voc- means voice
  75. Adulate
    to praise or flatter too greatly; fawn over
  76. Eulogize
    to praise, as in a eulogy; to say good things about
  77. Extol
    to praise highly, laud
  78. Panegyrize
    to praise a person or event in a formal speech or in writing; to praise highly
  79. Myriad
    countless; a very large number
  80. Surfeit
    • an oversupply
    • Hint: sur- means over and above; surplus - surfeit
  81. Abstemious
    holding back from eating or drinking too much
  82. Alimentary
    • relating to food and nourishment
    • Hint: alimentary canal- pathway along which food travels and from which solid wastes are expelled
  83. Epicurean
    • having to do with relishing the pleasure of eating and drinking
    • (n.) epicure
  84. Palatable
    • pleasing to the taste buds
    • Hint: pleasing to the palate
  85. Voracious
    greedy; gluttonous; ravenous; insatiable
  86. Chary
    • cautious; wary
    • Hint: chary, wary
  87. Circumspect
    • careful and cautious before acting
    • Hint: circum- means around, spec- means seeing; circumspect- looking around
  88. Exacting
    requiring a great deal of care or effort; painstaking
  89. Scrupulous
    showing great care and honesty, based on personal belief of what is right and proper
  90. Ephemeral
    lasting a short time; fleeting
  91. Evanescent
    • vanishing quickly; fleeting
    • Hint: Evanescent - vanish
  92. Itinerant
    wandering about; tending to move around, travel
  93. Peripatetic
    moving or walking about; itinerant
  94. Transient
    lasting for only a short time; temporary
  95. Transitory
  96. Antediluvian
    very, very old; antiquated
  97. Antiquity
    • ancient times
    • Hint: antique
  98. Inception
    the start, the beginning of something
  99. Surreptitious
    done or made in a secret, stealthy way
  100. Ascetic
    a person who refrains from indulging in earthly pleasures
  101. Pariah
    a social outcast
  102. Raconteur
    • a skillful storyteller
    • Hint: recount a story
  103. Incidental
    less important; minor
  104. Discerning
    able to judge people and situations clearly
  105. Erudite
    wise due to much reading and studying; scholarly
  106. Incisive
    • decisive, keen and directly to the point
    • Hint: incisive - decisive
  107. Judicious
    • showing wisdom in judging people and situations
    • Hint: jud- means judge
  108. Perspicacious
    • using wise judgement; sharp-minded
    • Hint: peri- means around, spic- (spec-) means looking: perspicacious about looking around, being perceptive
  109. Sagacious
    • wise
    • Hint: sage
  110. Ambivalent
    having conflicting feelings or opinions about something; unsure
  111. Coalesce
    to have different opinions join together; fuse; converge
  112. Convalesce
    to recover from an illness
  113. Imprudent
    careless; rash
  114. Indigent
    • poor; impoverished
    • Hint: indi- India, which is impoverished country
  115. Intimate
    • to suggest; to hint at
    • Hint: (H)intimate
  116. Ponderable
    important enough to require a lot of thought
  117. Ponderous
    very heavy or bulky; dull or lifeless
  118. Intrepid
    • fearless
    • Hint: in- means not, trep- means fear; intrepid- lacking fear
  119. Aviary
    an enclosed space for birds
  120. Insuperable
    unable to be overcome
  121. Misanthrope
    • someone who dislikes all people
    • Hint: mis- means hatred, anthro- means man; misanthrope - hatred of mankind
  122. Replete
    filled-up; overflowing
  123. Spurious
    false; counterfeit; lacking logic; specious
  124. Capricious
    • changeable; fickle; volatile; mercurial
    • (n.) caprice- a whim or fancy
  125. Diffident
    lacking confidence in oneself; inclined to be shy
  126. Dilettante
    one who babbles in the arts and science but is an expert in neither
  127. Egalitarian
    pertaining to equal political, social, and economical rights for all mankind
  128. Iconoclast
  129. Pedantic
    • showy in one's learning; overly instructive
    • Hint: ped- means child-> like lecturing to a child
  130. Variegated
    • having different patterns, colors, or appearance; dappled
    • Hint: variegated - varied
  131. Viable
    • able to sustain life, practicality, or effectiveness
    • Hint: vi- means life -> a viable circumstance is one that can support life
  132. Catharsis
    an emotional cleansing or release of emotional tensions, fears, or pity
  133. Pathos
    • the quality of a piece of writing that evokes pity, sympathy, or some other strong emotional response in the reader
    • Hint: pathos- means suffering; modern use means pity or compassion ie. pathetic, empathy
  134. Vignette
    a brief descriptive passage in writing
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