Biology Final part 1

  1. What is the deffintion of a comunity
    interacting populations in a cirtan habitat
  2. What Is intraspecific competition?
    Occurs with Same Species
  3. What is interspecific Compitition?
    Occurs between differant species
  4. What is Commensalism
    Symbiosis relationship where one benifits and the other isnt harmed or benifited
  5. What is Mutalism?
    Simbiosis relationship where both benifit
  6. What is parasism?
    Simbiosis relationship where one benifits the other is harmed
  7. What is Predidation?
    Relationship between preditor and prey one benifits the other is harmed
  8. What is a keystone species
    Effect many organisms in an ecosystem
  9. What is a Pioneer species
    the first species to move into a given area
  10. Invasive species
    species that does not naturally occur in a specific area and whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.
  11. What is an idicator species
    Helps humans see if habitat is threatedned by being watched closely
  12. What is Primary Succsession
    First species to move in
  13. What is Secondary succsession
    later species to move in
  14. What is a Biome
    Groups of ecosystems that share climates and organisms
  15. What is a Autotroph
    produces its own food
  16. What is a Carnivore
    EAts mainly meat has a defined saginal crest and as large canines
  17. What is a Herbivore
    Eats mainly plants have large incisers
  18. What is Biotic Potential?
    Growth rate where there is no enviromental resistance
  19. What is a Habitat
    Palce where a organism lives
  20. what is Abiotic Factor
    Non living (water air sunlight)
  21. What is Biotic factors?
    living factors in an ecosystem
  22. what is a niche
    job in an ecosystem
  23. What is Carrying capacity
    Limit that a given ecosystem can handle fluctuates with limiting factors
  24. What is enviromental Resitance?
    Factors that limit a population
  25. What are Vascular Plants?
    Plants with roots and stems
  26. What are Non-vascular plants?
    plants without roots or stems (mosses)
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