Blood supply to Thoracic Limb and Pelvic limb.txt

  1. What muscles do the External thoracic a. supply?
    Superficial pectorals m.
  2. What muscles do the Lateral thoracic a. supply?
    Latissimus dorsi m. Deep pectorals m. and cutaneous trunci m.
  3. What muscles do the Subscapular a. supply?
    Subscapularis and scapula, also part of the teres major m.
  4. What muscles do the Thoracodorsal a. supply?
    • teres major m.
    • latissimus dorsi m.
  5. What muscles do the Caudal circumflex humeral a. supply?
    • (DICTS)
    • Deltoideus m.
    • Infraspinatous m.
    • Coracorachialis m.
    • Triceps (part of)
    • Shoulder joint capsule
  6. What muscles do the Cranial Circumflex Humeral a. supply?
    • Biceps brachii (cranial aspect)
    • Shoulder joint capsule
  7. What muscles do the Deep brachial a. supply?
    Brachium of the triceps
  8. What muscles do the Bicipital a. supply?
    • Biceps brachii m.
    • Brachialis m.
  9. What muscles do the Collateral Ulnar a. supply?
    • Triceps m.
    • Caudal elbow area
  10. What muscles do the Transverse Cubital a. supply?
    Cranial elbow area and adjacent m.
  11. What muscles do the Ulnar a. supply?
    Caudally to ulnar and humeral heads of the DDF, FCU
  12. What muscles do the Cranial Interosseous a. supply?
    • Between radius and unlna
    • Pronator quadratus m.
    • Palmar surface of the paw
  13. What muscles do the Caudal Interosseous a. supply?
    Interosseous space to supply m. lying laterally and crainally in forearm
  14. What muscles do the Deep Antebrachial a. supply?
    Terminal branch of brachial, FCR, DDF, FCU and SDF
  15. What muscles do the Median a. supply?
    • ** Main blood supply to the paw
    • Passes with DDF through carpal canal to supply the front of the paw
  16. What muscles do the Radial a. supply?
    • At carpus, divides intp palmar and dorsal carpal branches
    • These supply the deep vessels of the paw
  17. What is the Main blood supply of the Equine Digit?
    Medial Palmar a.
  18. Is the Radial a. one of the terminal branches of the Median a.?
  19. What does the Medial Palmar a. branch into?
    Medial and lateral Palmar Digital a.
  20. Where can you take the pulse on the Equine forelimb?
    • Medial palmar a.
    • Medial and Lateral Palmar digital a.
  21. Which artery is the only branch off of the external iliac a. within the abdominal cavity?
    Deep femoral a.
  22. What muscles do the Caudal Epigastric a. supply?
    • caudal half of rectus abdominus m.
    • Ventral parts oblique and transverse m.
  23. What muscles do the External pudendal a. supply?
    • Pass though ingunial canal to gracilis m. and external repro organs
    • branch supplies labia in female and scrotum in male
  24. What muscles do the Caudal superficial epigastric a. supply?
    • Ingunial mammae and caudal abdominal mammae
    • Male: supplies prepuce
  25. What muscles do the Medial circumflex femoral a. supply?
    Continuation of the Deep femoral goes through ingunial canal to the adductor m.
  26. What muscles do the Lateral circumflex femoral a. supply?
    • Quadraceps m.
    • Tensor fascia latae m.
    • Superficial and middle gluteal
    • Hip joint capsule
  27. What muscles do the Proximal Caudal Femoral a. supply?
    • Pectineus m.
    • Adductor m.
    • Gracilis m. (GAP)
  28. What muscles do the saphenous a. supply?
    Skin on the medial side of the stifle
  29. What muscles do the Cranial br of the saphenous a. supply?
    • Dorsal crural m.
    • Dorsal paw via dorsal commomn digital a.
  30. What muscles do the Caudal br of saphenous a. supply?
    • Caudal crus and hock
    • Plantar paw via plantar commomd digital a.
    • Deep plantar arch
  31. What muscles do the descending genicular a. supply?
    medial surface of stifle
  32. What muscles do the Middle caudal femoral a. supply?
    Distal adductor m. and Semimembranosus m.
  33. What muscles do the Distal caudal femoral a. supply?
    • Biceps femoris m.
    • Semi M m.
    • Semi T m.
    • Gastrocnemius m. (BSSG)
    • Digital Flexors
  34. What muscles do the popliteal a. supply?
    • Stifle m.
    • Gastrocnemius m.
    • popliteis m.
    • Terminates as the cranial and caudal tibial a.
  35. What muscles do the Cranial tibial a. supply?
    • Peroneus longusm.
    • Long digital extensor m.
    • cranial Tibial m.
  36. What muscles do the Dorsal Pedal a. supply?
  37. Which artery is used for arterial catheter placement?
    Dorsal pedal a.
  38. What is the main blood suply to the digits of the eqine?
    Dorsal Metatarsal a. III or Great Metatarsal a. (on LATERAL side)
  39. Where can the pulse be taken on the equine pelvic limb?
    • Dorsal metatrsal a. III or Great Metatarsal a.
    • Lateral and Medail Plantar digital a.
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