HISTORY|problems with sources

  1. what are reliability problems with written sources?
    • fact and opinion
    • one sided accounts
    • conflicting accounts
    • bias
    • propaganda
  2. what are histographical problems with written sources?
    • mistranslations
    • anachronism
    • pet theories
  3. problems with archaeological evidence?
    • damage to artefacts
    • written evidence and archaeological evidence may not agree
    • artefacts may not survive complete
    • intrusions
    • difficult to interoperate¬†
    • propaganda
  4. problem with fact and opinion?
    difficult to distinguish between the two
  5. problem with one sided accounts?
    only hearing one side of the story
  6. problem with conflicting accounts
    several sources can give conflicting evidence
  7. problem with bias?
    must be aware of prejudice that can affect writers attitude:

    • -race
    • -gender
    • -political factors
    • -cultural factors
  8. problem with propaganda?
    the spreading of ideas, information or rumour to injure or help a cause, person or institution.

    what is the purpose of the source?
  9. problem with mistranslation?
    language problems with translation of sources
  10. problem with anachronism?
    anything out of place in its time or context.
  11. problem with pet theories?
    archaeologists can develop theories and try to prove them by using only a selection of evidence and ignoring what does not back up their theory.
  12. problem with damage to artefacts?
    may have incomplete picture
  13. problem with written and archaeological evidence not agreeing?
    not give the same information
  14. problem with incomplete artefacts?
    may be because of material
  15. problem with intrusions?
    found in wrong strata
  16. problem with difficulty in interpretation?
    without written evidence, can only make an inference.
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