1. Aggregate
    A generalization operation that produces an output raster with a larger cell size (i.e., a lower resolution) than the input raster.
  2. Analysis mask
    A mask that limits raster data analysis to cells that do not carry the cell value of no data.
  3. Block operation
    A neighborhood operation that uses a rectangle (block) and assigns the calculated value to all block cells in the output raster.
  4. Cost distance
    Distance measured by the cost of impedance of moving between cells.
  5. Local operation
    A cell-by-cell raster data operation.
  6. Map algebra
    A term referring to algebraic operations with raster map layers.
  7. Mosaic
    A raster data operation that can piece together multiple input rasters into single raster.
  8. Neighborhood operation
    A raster data operation that involves a focal cell and a set of its surrounding cells.
  9. Physical distance
    Straight-line distance between cells.
  10. Physical distance measure operation
    A raster data operation that calculates straight-line distances away from the source cells.
  11. Raster data extraction
    An operation that uses a data set, a graphic object, or a query expression to extract data from an existing raster.
  12. Reclassification
    A local operation that reclassifies cell values of an input raster to create a new raster.
  13. Slice
    A raster data operation that divides a continuous raster into equal-interval or equal-area classes.
  14. Zonal operation
    A raster data operation that involves groups of cells of same values or like features.
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