American Government Unit 2

  1. England's 3 contributions to American Government
    Local Government, Legislative government, limited government
  2. Problems with Articles of Confederation
    • Congress unable to act directly on individuals
    • no power of enforcement
    • can't raise revenue through taxes
    • no regulate commerce
    • no military forces
    • each state has 1 vote in Congress
    • unanimous consent of statse
    • no judiciary
    • one branch
    • Articles ratified through conventions
    • no separation of powers
    • no power to coin money
  3. importance of Shay's Rebellion
    Generated fear of anarchy in the state legislators
  4. where was the constitutional convention
  5. who was at the Constitutional Convention
    • Washington
    • James Madison
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Gouvener Morris
  6. what were the 3 compromises
    commerce compromise, great compromise, 3/5th's compromise
  7. who wrote the federalist papers
    John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison
  8. What were the Federalist Papers
    written in support of a constitution
  9. federalism
    A system in which governmental power is divided into two or more levels usually a central government and a state government
  10. implied powers
    authorized by a legal document but not in constitution
  11. expressed powers
    found in article 1 section 8 set forth the authoritative capacity of Congress
  12. five principles of Constitution
    • limited government
    • separation of powers
    • checks and balances
    • popular soveriegnty
    • federalism
  13. Ben Franklin
    • oldest man
    • call to prayer
  14. James Madison
    Father of Constitution
  15. George Washington
  16. Gouverner Morris
    final wording of the Constitution
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