American Government Unit 1

  1. creation mandate
    God calls us to exercise wise and responsible dominion over the earth. The First commandment that God gives to man
  2. 3 parts of man's obligation to government
    Submit, Evangelize, participate
  3. primary purpose of government
    to restrain
  4. two laws relating to education
    act of 1642 and act of 1647
  5. act of 1642
    Children need to read the Bible for themselves,
  6. act of 1647
    ole deluder Satan Act, required every town of fifty families or more to provide a school for the children.
  7. first college
  8. Contributions of Founding Fathers
    Checks and balances, separation of powers, Bill of Rights
  9. Three Conditions necessary for a successful government
    • Strong and Just
    • Good, able
    • men; wise laws and viable institution
    • Tradition
  10. Essential Characteristics of democracy
    • 1.Even though majority rules the minority is still
    • heard
    • a.Everyone matters, sometimes majority may be wrong
    • 2. Political equality (not same as economic
    • equality)
    • Democracy doesn’t promise economic equality
    • 3. Liberty- You are free to influence government through legitimate means.
    • 4.Necessity of compromise
    • 5.Individual worth (distinct characteristic)
  11. ways a person can participate in government
    • vote
    • voice
    • support
    • run
    • pray
  12. Who was Jonathan Edwards
    • one of the first preachers
    • preached to a town call northampton in Massachusetts in 1734
  13. who was George Whitefield
    • British evangelist
    • preached from Georgia to New England
    • made 7 evangelistic tours to America
  14. John Witherspoon
    • influential christian leader in Continental Congress
    • only minister to sign the declaration of Independence
    • Influenced Madison
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