Dit day 13

  1. when do you observe precocious puberty?
    when it is partial i.e breast buds only
  2. do u give topical estrogen to women with estrogen receptor cancer?
  3. non hormonal options for menopausal symptoms?
  4. ocp decrease risk of what cancer?
  5. what drugs decrease the effectiveness of ocp?
    all drugs that increase cyt p 450
  6. in what way does progesterone prevents fertilization?
    increases cervical viscosity
  7. iud's have what hormone in it?
  8. rx for primary dysmenorhea?
    • nsaid
    • ocp
  9. differenece between dysmenorrhea and premenstrual or premenstrual dysphoric disorder?
    pms or pmdd--occur prior to menses--nsaid and ssri

    dysmenorhhhea--during menses--nsaid and ocp
  10. rx for endometriosis?
    • ocp and nsaids
    • gnrh agonist

    if refractory sx
  11. risk factor for endometrioma/
  12. most common cause of aub?
  13. enlarged uterus and menometrorrhagia for months?
    • fibroids
    • adenomysosis
  14. bleeding with with severe menstrual pelvic pain?
  15. menorrhagia and perimenauposal?
    hyperplasia of endometrium
  16. aub started with menarche?
  17. depression + constipation + aub?
  18. rx for menorragia?
    • stable:
    • estrogen
    • ocp
    • progestin
    • unstable:
    • iv and tamponade with foley catherer
  19. criteria for pcos?
    • amenorrhea
    • androgen excess
    • polycystic ovaries on ultrasound
  20. rx for candida yeast?
    • oralĀ 
    • orĀ 
    • topical
  21. when do you screen for gc./
    all women in their 20's
  22. which abcess you do not i and d?
    tubo ovarian abscess
  23. what two genital ulcers are painful/?
    • chancroid
    • herpes
  24. what std looks like crohns?
    lymphogranuloma venerum
  25. p. fibrosis rx?
    • steroids
    • azathioprine
    • cyclophosphamide
  26. rx for lyeimyoma?
    • myomectomy
    • hysterectomy
  27. endometrial cancer limted to the endometrial lining, next step in management if fertility is still desired?
    progestins untill child bearing years are over
  28. most important prognostic factor for cervical cancer vs melanoma/

  29. rx for squamous cell carcinoma of vagina?
    radiation unless its less than 2 cm
  30. which type of endometrial cancer has the worst prognosis?
    type 2--estrogen independent
  31. characteristics of benign ovarian cysts?
    cystic mass, smooth, few depta
  32. which ovarian cysts cause torsion?
    big ones
  33. what decreases the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer?
    decreased estrogen--i.e less ovulatory cycles --due to pregnancy
  34. management of an ovarian tumor?
    no biopsy...resection
  35. which breast cancers are bilateral?
    lobular carcinomas
  36. papp-a is high or low in trisomies?
    inhibin is high or low in edwards?

    high in edwards
  37. when is percutaneous umbilical blood sampling done?
    • fetal anemia
    • fetal thrombocytopenia
    • hyper or hypothyroid
  38. what vaccines are given to pregnany wome?
    • tetanus
    • influenza
    • pcv, mcv, hep a and hep b
  39. when do you do amniocentesis?
    • abnormal quad screen
    • age>35
    • rh possibility
    • fetal lung maturity
  40. what is the quad screen for turners?
    same as for down
  41. preeclampsia before 20 weeks cause?
    molar pregnancy
  42. rx for gestational diabetes?

    meformin, glyburide
  43. what do anticonvulsants do in pregnancy?
    decrease folate intake

    decrease clotting factor production
  44. rx for intrauterine fetal demise?
    • <24---sx
    • >24 weeks---induction vis oxytocin, prostaglandin
  45. what causes fingernail hypoplasia teratogenic defect?
  46. what causes cns, craniofacial, ear and cvs teratogenic side effects?
  47. what ratio differentiates between symmetric IUGR and assymetric?
    assymetric--increased head to abdomen ratio

    symmetric--no ratio
  48. oligohydramnioas and polyhydramnios afi?
    • afi< 5 cm
    • afi >25 cm
  49. when do you not do a manyal examination of cervix?
    • placental previa
    • prom
  50. the earliest finding for IUGR?
    abdominal circumference <10% for gestational age
  51. nitrazine paper turns what color in prom?
  52. when do you give calcium gluconate for high electrolytes?
    • high k
    • high mg
  53. rx for vasa previa?
  54. what do fetuses share based on when they split in terms of 4 days, 8 days, 12 days
    • 4--diamniotic, dichorionic
    • 8- diamniotic, monochorionic
    • 12--monoamniotic, monochorionic
  55. how do you deliver multiple gestations?
    c secition unless vertex-vertex presenation
  56. complete mole is how many chromosomes, fetal parts?
    46xx--no fetal parts
  57. hydatidiform mole vs choriocarcinoma?
    • both derived from trophoblast
    • mole--- benign

    chorio--malignant--from mole, pregnancy
  58. management of pregnancy before 34 and after 34 weeks?
    • <34--steroids, tocolysis, abx
    • >34--- active expectation, abx
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