MCA Lecture 1

  1. What is a pressure ulcer?
    any lesion caused by unrelieved pressure that occludes blood flow (ischemia) to the tissues resulting in damage to underlying tissue (usually over a bony prominence)
  2. What is the etiology of pressure ulcers?
    tissue caught between two hard surfaces; unable to get adequate blood supply; causes deprivation of oxygen and nutrients to the cells causing cellular death - tissue death
  3. What are risk factors for pressure ulcers?
    immobility and inactivity; inadequate nutrition; urinary and fecal incontinence; altered mental status; older age; altered sensation; excessive body heat; diabetes or other vascular impairments; obesity/thin
  4. What is the standard of practice for turning pt?
    2 hours
  5. What are influencing factors for pressure ulcers?
    amount of pressure (intensity); length of time pressure is exerted (duration); individual variation in people's ability to withstand pressure; shearing force (skeleton); friction (rubbing); maceration and excoriation
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