Science exam semester 2

  1. What is liquid water below freezing point.
    Super cooled  water
  2. What does wind tend to do in the Corliss effect.
    It curves
  3. What has the greatest effect on wind.
    Friction(When in contact with ground)
  4. What measures Wind speed.
  5. With the Celsius scale how many degrees is it between freezing and boiling point.
  6. What does God command us to have over the Earth.
  7. What is a renewable source of energy That does not create pollution.
    Wind turbines
  8. What is the most direct way to measure sea level.
    Tidal gauge
  9. What is considered the rain forest sea.
    Coral reef
  10. What differs from place to place.
    Local sea level
  11. What is Sections of water more or less surrounded by land.
  12. What is in oceanographer.
    A Marine scientist
  13. What is well mixed rocks sand dirt ect. (sediments).
    Till or glacier Till
  14. What shape is a glaciated Valley.
    U Shaped
  15. What is the downhill movement of rocks and soil.
    Mass wasting.
  16. What is the difference between mass wasting and an avalanche.
    Avalanche- Downhill movement of snow or ice

    Mass wasting- Downhill movement of soil and rocks
  17. What type of your is a fossil fuel and came from land plants.
  18. Origin of species was written by who.
    Charles Darwin
  19. What is mineralized Tree sap that may contain fossils.
  20. After animal has died and his left there were weeks or months What happens to it.
    decay ,decomposition or scavengers
  21. What is a Marine reptiles ( Jobs behemoth)
  22. Limestone becomes what after metamorphism.
  23. What time of limestone is used as building material.
  24. Where is the world's largest granite quarry located.
  25. What kind of Rock is rock Bonded fragments
    Sedimentary rock
  26. What kind of rock is Hardened/Cool lava.
    Igneous rock
  27. What is a rock is been changed from one rock to another.
  28. The original lock that was altered to form a metamorphic rock is the.
    Source rock
  29. Fossils are usually found in what type of rock.
  30. According to the rock cycle models what  was starting material in cycle.
    Molten magma.
  31. Young Earth geologist believe that the original original basement rock of the earth continents was 
  32. The brilliance the diamond is due to its high index of.
  33. What is when land absorbs suns energy faster than water.
  34. What is the global sea level currently doing.
  35. What is the largest ocean.
  36. What is safe to drink water called.
    Potable water.
  37. Fertile soil contains what
    Organic materials
  38. Scientist to study swell soil formation and erosion are.
    Pedologists(soil scientist)
  39. What is a sudden glacial movement.
    Glacier surge 
  40. Brook ,river, rivulet is another name for what
  41. Who created the classification system of organisms.
    Charles Linnaeus
  42. What is the study of fossils.
  43. What type of igneous rock floats in water.
  44. What type of test do use to classify rocks
    Radiation test
  45. What is the study of rocks their classification and their history.
    Petrology(person who studies it petrologist)
  46. What is the process by which droplets join together and grow to one raindrops to form hail.
  47. What is a tide that occurs monthly and is lower than normal.
    Neap tides
  48. What kind of tide occurs monthly and is higher than normal.
    Spring tide
  49. What is a big buildup of water or a heap of water.
    Tidal bulge. (On test question may be little different)
  50. What is a shallow submerged edge of land from the Beach offshore
    Continental shelf
  51. What is a large mass of dense compacted snow and ice it flows downhill under the influence of gravity.
  52. What is a mechanical weathering process in which water traps in cracks and pores of rocks freezes and expands creating fragments rock.
    Frost wedging
  53. A coarse-grained igneous rock  with very large interlocked crystals.
  54. Cole what type of rock.
  55. Carbon dioxide a product of the combustion of fossil fuels has been linked to global warming and as result has been called and blank gas.
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