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  1. Aprendar
    To learn
  2. Comer
    To eat
  3. Vivir
    To live
  4. Comprender
    To understand
  5. Leer
    To read
  6. Creer
    To believe
  7. Abrir
    To open
  8. Escribir
    To write
  9. Querer
    To want
  10. Saber
    To know
  11. Poder
    To can
  12. Tener
    To have
  13. Decir
    To say
  14. Nadar
    To swim
  15. Comprar
    To buy
  16. Olvidar
    To forget
  17. Caminar
    To walk
  18. Necesitar
    To need
  19. Tomar
    To take or to drink
  20. Mirar
    To see
  21. Escuchar
    To listen
  22. Ayudar
    To help
  23. Preguntar
    To ask a question
  24. Explicar
    To explain
  25. Tratar
    To try or to treat
  26. Asistir
    To attend
  27. Viajar
    To travel
  28. Andar
    To go around
  29. Manejar
    To drive car, to ride a bike
  30. Montar
    To ride a horsee, to drive a motorcycle
  31. Cosinar
    To cook
  32. Ir
    To go
  33. Costar
    To cost
  34. Trabajar
    To work
  35. Bailar
    To dance
  36. discutir
    To discuss
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