The urinary tract part 2

  1. renal arteries
    kidneys receive 20-25% of the resting cardiac output via the right and left these.
  2. afferent arterioles
    interlobular arteries enter the renal cortex and give off branches called these
  3. glomerulus
    each nephron receives one afferent arteriole which divides into a tangled, ball shaped capillary network called this. part of the cardiovascular and urinary system
  4. efferent arterioles
    the glomerlus capillaries then reunite to form this that carries blood out of the glomerlus
  5. peritubular capillaries
    the efferent arterioles divide to form these, which surround tubular parts of the nephron in the renal cortex
  6. vasa recta
    extend from some efferent arterioles. These long looped shaped capillaries supply tubular portions of the nephron in the renal medulla
  7. renal vein
    blood leaves the kidney through a single one of these that exits at the renal hilum and carries venous blood to the inferior vena cava
  8. the nephron: renal corpuscule
    where blood plasma is filtered. two parts the glomerulus (capillary network) and glomerular capsule
  9. the nephron: glomerular capsule
    a double walled epithelial cup that surrounds the glomerular capillaries. blood plasma is filtered here and then the filtered fluid passes into the renal tubule
  10. the nephron:Renal tubule
    • into which the filtered fluid of kidneys passes. 3 main sections. a) proximal convoluted tubule
    • b) loop of henle (nephron loop)
    • c) distal convoluted tubule
  11. descending limb of the loop of Henle
    this is the first part and dips into the renal medulla it then makes a hair pin turn and returns  to the renal cortex as the ascending limb of the loop of henle
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The urinary tract part 2
The urinary tract part 2