DIT day 11

  1. at what cd4 is haart started?
  2. in what disease do you see erythromelalgia?
    polycythemia vera
  3. what is erythromyalgia?
    burning in the hands and feet
  4. when do you add hydroxyurea in polycythemia vera?
    if there is a high risk of thrombosis--cad, elderly, high platelets
  5. in terms of lymphadenopathy, how does hodgkin present vs non hodgkin?
    hodgkin--painless nodes in the neck
  6. what 2 different leukemias are a continuation of eachother?
    CLL and small lymphocytic lymphoma
  7. rx for polycythemia vera?
    serial phlebotomies

  8. monteggia fracture affects what bone?
    galeazzi fracture affects what bone?
    • ulnar
    • radius
  9. what bone fractures can tear aorta?
    • sternum
    • scapula
    • 1st or 2nd rib
  10. unhappy triad?
    • acl
    • mcl
    • lateral mensicus
  11. most commonly injured knee ligament?
    positive lachman test= anterior drawer test
    positive mcmurray test
    dashboard knee ligament tear?
    • mcl
    • acl
    • mensical tear
    • pcl
  12. compartment syndrome most commonly occurs where?
    • forearm and supracondylar humerus
    • tibia
  13. best inital test for compartment syndomr?
    can compatment syndrome have pulses?
    pain with passive motion

  14. spondylolisthesis?
    anterior slip of L5 over S1
  15. neuropathic pain rx?
    + depression?
    • gabapentin
    • venlafaxine
    • nortryptilline
  16. best study for bones?
    best study for soft tissue?
    • ct
    • mri
  17. rx for osteoporosis?
    • ocp
    • ralocifene
    • bisphosphonates
    • terapiritide--pth pulsatile
  18. most common locations for tophi?
    • achiles tendonĀ 
    • external ear
  19. what drugs shud be avoided in gout?
    • aspirin
    • niacin
  20. rx for pagests?
    rx for non symptomatic pagets?

  21. how is pagets different from osteopetrosis?
    • pagets--high osteoclast activity--disorganized mosaic pattern of bone
    • osteopetrosis-- low osteoclast activity--high bone density
  22. sandwich vertebrae?
  23. rx for io
  24. how is rx for septic arhtitis different from other causesd?
    gonorrhea does get I and D
  25. what tumore are blastic?
    • prostate
    • lung

    breast is both
  26. what condition has athropathy of the mcp?
  27. osteopetrosis or pagets will cause low H/H?
  28. multiconnective tissue disease antibody?
    dematomyositis, polymyositis/.

  29. what is hte inflammatory inflitrate in polymyositis?
    • poly-lymphocytes within muscle fasciles
    • dermato--around the muscle fasciles
  30. what comorbidities are seen with fibromyalgia?
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • irritable bowel syndrome
  31. who gets screened for congenital hip dysplasia?
    • breech delivery
    • family history of congenital hip dysplasia
  32. what is a salter- harris fracture?
    fracture of the epiphyseal plate
  33. presentation of childhood spondylolisthesis?
    palpable step off on PE
  34. most accurate test for duchene muscular dystrophy?
    decreased dystrophin immunostaning of the muscle
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