CDM Vocabulary Unit3

  1. Chinese Americans
    Prefer vegetables, rice & noodles and food mad from soybeans. Plain white rice is traditionally served at all meals
  2. Comfort Food
    Any food that imparts a unique sense of emotional well-being such as chicken soup
  3. Community Share Associations
    Places such as community gardens, where people purchase space to grow food or farmers garden in exchange for delivery of local produce every week
  4. Diet
    The foods and beverages a person consumes
  5. East Indian Americans
    staples of their diet include rice, beans, lentils and bread. Rice is traditionally steamed and mixed with flavorings. India's religious beliefs are a heavy influencer on diet. The heart of Indian cooking is the blending of spices
  6. Functional Foods
    Foods that convey ahealth benefits beyond the nutritients
  7. hispanics/ latinos
    Those who originate from Mexico, South & Central America, Cuba and Peurto Rico. They tend to eat more rice and less pasta. Consume alot of vetables especially tomatoes. Drink whole milk , likes bee, beans and corn. Does not care for processed meats such as sausage, bolgna, deli meats
  8. Japanese americans
    rice is a staple food along with a variety of noodles. Seafood is more popular than meat and poultry. Watercress and carrots are important parts to most meals. Japanese food is prepared broiled, steamed, boiled and simmered unlike chinese food which is typically stir fried
  9. Kosher
    Fit, proper or in agreement with religious law. kosher meat meansthat the animal has been slaughtered in a special way. usually, kosher foods have been blessed by a rabbi
  10. Lacto-Vegetarian
    Vegetarians that also consume dairy products
  11. Middle Eastern Americans
    Traditional foods are yogurt, soft cheese such as feta and goat cheese, lamb, poultry, chick peas, lentils, eggplant, pine nuts, olives and olive oil
  12. Natural Foods
    contain no artificial  ingredients or added coloring and are only minimally processed
  13. Nutrients
    components in food that are essential to good health
  14. Nutrition
    the essence of how components in food, nourish the body
  15. Organic Foods
    grown without pesticides, genetic engineering, hormones, antibiotics, herbicides or fertilizers
  16. Octo-lacto Vegetarian
    A person who consumes eggs, dairy and vegetables. This is the least strict sect of vegetarianism
  17. Phyto-chemicals
    chemicals in plants thought to provide special health benefits
  18. Ramadan
    a religious period of muslim worship that lasts for one month and fasting occurs from sun up to sun down.
  19. Regional Trends
    a part of cultural heritage. reflective of a mix of cultures, foods that are locally grown and harvested
  20. Religious Practices
    A major influencer on eating habits. Such as Indians, not eating beef because of their worship of cows or muslims not eating pork
  21. Therapeutic Diet
    dietary changes dictated by health conditions
  22. Vegan Diet
    The stricts form of vegetarianism. This group does not eat meat nor dairy (no animal products)
  23. Vegetarian Diet
    A diet which consist of not eating any meat
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CDM Vocabulary Unit3
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