psych 190 lecture 16

  1. What are some trends in parenting?
    • Allowing kids to do traditionally "grown-up" things (i.e., watch grown-up movies)
    • Dads now expected to be involved parents (i.e., fathers are more involved with parenting much more than before)
    • Blogging about your kids (i.e., website about her baby)
    • Homeschooling (i.e., believe it's safer, learn more, etc)
    • Bring babies to work (i.e., depending on type of work, but trend to decrease b/c economy)
    • Helicopter parenting/over-parenting (i.e., monitoring every activities)
    • buying baby brains (Concerns w/ program: learning less words, never be sub for direct interaction)
    • Attachment parenting (for secure attachment)
    • quality family time (increase family time and family dinner)
    • disicipline issues (spanking decreasing, restriction and time out increasing)
  2. What are the 7 B's of Attachment Parenting
    • Birth Bonding
    • Breastfeeding (physical contact)
    • Baby-wearing (as much time as u can to physical be close to your baby)
    • Bedding close to baby
    • Belief in the language value of your baby’s cry (feel like communicating w/baby)
    • Beware of baby trainers (u should know what’s best for the baby)
    • Balance
  3. Moving towards a parenting society
    • Parenting is arguably the strongest factor in promoting:
    • social order
    • values
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