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  1. something gets on your nerves
    something that i can't stand
  2. put up with / i will not put up with your bad behaviour any longer
    ph v. 容忍
  3. fuss
    I don't like to make a fuss.
    what is all the fuss about?
    Stop making such a fuss
    n. 瞎忙、小題大做 a lot of unnecessary worry or excitement about something
  4. disturb / his sleep was distrubed by a violent hammering on the door.
    v. 打擾 bother
  5. decibel
    n. 分貝
  6. tolerate / they have tolerate poor working conditions for too long.
    v. to accept something unpleasant without impatient or angry
  7. repetitive / a boring repetitive job
    adj. 重複
  8. tell off / the teacher told me off for talking again today. i am getting told off for being late.
    ph v. to criticize someone angrily for doing something wrong
  9. scold / he never raised his voice or scolded me unfairly.
    v. to criticize someone, especially a child, severely and usually angrily for sth they have done wrong
  10. swear / she was shouting and swearing at everyone
    v. to use words that are deliberately offensive, because you are angry with someone
  11. to give someone a piece of your mind
    ph. to speak very angrily to someone because they have done something wrong
  12. interval / the normal interval between our meetings is six weeks
    n.c a period of time between two events
  13. costume / dnacers in troditional costumes. she was dressed in full costume
    n.c clothes that performers wear in a play, file, etc.
  14. portray
    v. 扮演
  15. be dressed in / she was dressed in black suit.
    adj. wearing clothes of a particular type
  16. applause, a round of applause/ let's have a round of applause for all the organizers. her speech drew enthusiastic applause. receive a round of applause
    n.u the sound made by people applausing a performance, speech, etc
  17. clap, applaud / at the end of speech everyone clapped.
    v. 鼓掌
  18. ovation, standing ovation
    n. 起立鼓掌if an audience gives someone an ovation, they clap their hands to express their admiration or enjoyment
  19. incident / an embarrassing incident. Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident.
    n.c something that happens, especially a violent, criminal, or dangerous event
  20. gutsy
    adj. brave and determined, showing courage
  21. hilarious
    adj. funny
  22. go a little too far / threatening legal action is really going to far
    ph.v. 有點太超過to behave in a way that is unreasonable
  23. be steaming with rage, steaming, steaming mad
    adj. very angry
  24. rage / her eyes filled with tears of rage and frustration
    n. a very strong feeing of anger
  25. punters
    n. members of the public, or customers
  26. expose
    v. 暴露
  27. intterupted
    v. stopped (in the middle of doing something)
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