History Final

  1. Why was nationalism problematic in Eastern Europe?
    hard to unite people, everyone wanted their own culture
  2. define conservatism
    political and social order achieved by traditional ideas
  3. define socialism
    people are a whole party, nothing is individual
  4. define liberalism
    written constitutions/spearation of powers- all for change
  5. define nationalism
    sense of pride and devotion toward one's country
  6. compare/contrast covour and bismark 's policies of uniting germany and italy
    • both believed in realpolitik
    • cavour made reforms and improvements such as building railroads
    • bismark just started fighting
  7. which political philosophy controlled the congress of vienna?
    balance of power/ legitimacy- restoring hereditary monarchs disrupted by napoleon
  8. How did Bismark think he could unite germany?
    through war, "blood and iron" speech
  9. What was the primary objective of the Congress of Vienna?
    to create lasting peace by establishing a balance of power and protecting monarchies
  10. Why was europe at peace for so long after 1815?
    congress of vienna?
  11. Define red shirts
    soldier volunteers under garibaldi
  12. what did the red shirts do?
    won control of sicily
  13. who/what did the unification of germany threaten?
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