History Final

  1. Where did Napoleon's last battle take place?
    Battle of Waterloo, Belgium
  2. Who led the reign of terror?
    Max Robspierre- lawyer, politician
  3. name napoleon's most important reform
    napoleonic code: equality of citiznes before law, religious toleration advancement based on merit
  4. What were the causes of the reign of terror?
  5. What were the causes of the reign of terror?
    • unhappy with slavery, supression due to religion
    • napoloen's rule, bad harvest, etc
  6. what were the effects of napoleon's conquests?
    • consolidated changes of revolution
    • more people had rights
    • spread ideas of revolution in europe
  7. which event symoblized the start of the French Revolution?
    storming of bastille- parisians demanded weapons
  8. define limited monarchy
    monarchy with checks and balances
  9. Why did the French Revolution occur?
    • -debt from Louis XIV's wars
    • -poor harvests, prices rose pay checks dropped
    • -failure to reform- all of louis xiv's successors were too weak to do anything
  10. What were the major outcomes of the French Revolution?
    • -sparked nationist thoughts across europe
    • -abolished holy roman empire
    • -congress of vienna- redrew map of Europe
  11. What was the final result of Napoleon's incasion of Russia?
    he lost, he was forced to abdicate
  12. what can one deduce from knowledge of the events and outcomes of the french and russian revolutions?
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