vocab chapter 14

  1. amenable
    • willing to follow advice or authority, tractable, submissive, responsive, liable to be held responsible
    • syn- agreeable, compliant, docile
    • ant- unresponsive, resistant, recalcitrant
  2. berate
    • to scold sharply
    • syn- chide, rebuke, reprove, reprimand
    • ant- praise, compliment, pat on the back
  3. carnage
    • large-scale slaughter or loss of life
    • syn- butchery, bloodbath, massacre
  4. credulous
    • too ready to believe, easily deceived
    • syn- gullible
    • ant- dubious, skeptical
  5. criterion
    • a rule test, a standard for judgement or evaluation
    • syn- yardstick, touchstone, gauge, canon
  6. deplete
    • to use up as a result of spending or consumption, to diminish greatly
    • syn- exhaust, empty, drain, bankrupt
    • ant- replenish, refill, restock, resupply
  7. expatiate
    • to expand on, write or talk at lenght or in detail, to move about freely
    • syn- elaborate, enlarge, descant, wander, roam
    • ant- sketch roughly, summarize, condense, adumbrate
  8. extraneous
    • coming from the outside, foreign, present but not essential, irrelevant
    • syn- incidental, extrinsic
    • ant- intrinsic, relevant, pertinent, germane
  9. inception
    • the beginning, start, earliest stage of some process , insitution, etc
    • syn- commencement, inauguration, outset
    • ant- completion, conclusion, termination
  10. infirmity
    • a weakness or ailment
    • syn- affliction, malady, defect
  11. jejune
    • lacking in nutritive value, lacking in interest or substance, immature, juvenile
    • syn- vapid, insipid, puerile, childish
    • ant- stimulating, mature
  12. obdurate
    • stubborn, unyielding
    • syn- obstinate, adamant
    • ant- yielding, tractable, flexible
  13. potpourri
    • a collection of diverse of miscellaneous items, a general mixture, petals mixed with spices for a scent
    • syn- hodgepode, melange, farrago, medley
    • ant- homogenous or uniform group
  14. precocius
    • showing unusually early development especially in mental capacity
    • syn- forward, gifted, advanced
    • ant- backward, retarded, slow
  15. sadistic
    • delighting in cruelty, excessively cruel
    • syn- brutal, vicious, inhuman, fiendish
    • ant- masochistic, clement, human, merciful
  16. sententious
    • self-righteous, characterized by moralizing, given to use of maxims or adages, saying much in a few words, pithy
    • syn- aphoristic, epigrammatic, moralistic
    • ant- discursive, diffuse, episodic
  17. supplicate
    • to beg earnestly and humbly
    • snyn- plead petition, implore, entreat
  18. surfeit
    • an excess or overindulgence, as in eating or drinking, caausing disgust, to feed or supply with anything to excess
    • syn- excess, glut, cloy, satiate
    • ant- dearth, paucity, lack
  19. tortuous
    • winding, twisted, crooked, highly involved, complex, devious
    • syn- circuitous, serpentine, labyrinthe
    • ant- direct, straight, straightforward
  20. turgid
    • swollen, bloated, filled to excess, overdecorate or excessive in language
    • ayn- inflated, pompous, bombastic, overblown
    • ant- muted, understated, unadorned, austere
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