Pharmacy Tech Definitions (One Way)

  1. synthetic
    with chemicals, combining simpler chemicals into more complex compounds, creating a new chemical not found in nature as a result
  2. pestilence
    a deadly or virulent epidemic disease
  3. pharmacology
    the study of drugs - their properties, uses, application, and effects
  4. pharmacognosy
    the study of physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of drugs as well as the search for new drugs from natural sources
  5. pharmacopoeia
    an authoritative listing of drugs ans issues related to their use
  6. pharmaceutical
    of or about drugs: also, a drug product
  7. panacea
    a cure-all
  8. materia medica
    generally pharmacology but also refers to the drugs in use
  9. antitoxin
    a substance that acts against a toxin in the body: also, a vaccine containing antitoxins, used to fight disease
  10. antibiotic
    a substance which harms or kills microorganisms like bacteria and fungi
  11. hormones
    chemicals produced by the body that regulate body functions and processes
  12. human genome
    the complete set of genetic material contained in a human cell
  13. Data
    information that is entered into and stored in a computer system
  14. inventory
    to make an account of items on hand;also, with people, to assess characteristics, skills, qualities, etc.
  15. confidentiality
    the requirement of health care providers to keep all patient information private among the patient, the patient's insurer, and the providers directly involved in the patients care
  16. competent
    being qualified and capable
  17. certification
    legal proof or document that an individual meets certain objective standards, usually provided by a neutral professional organization
  18. iPLEDGE is associated with
  19. legend drug
    any drug which requires a prescription and either of these "legends" on the label: "Cation: Federal law prohibits dispensing without a prescription," or Rx only."
  20. placebo
    an inactive substance given in place of a medication
  21. Pediatric
    having to do with the treatment of children
  22. pharmaceutical equivalent
    drug products that contain identical amount of the same active ingredients in the same dosage form
  23. therapeutic equivalent
    pharmaceutical equivalents that produces the same effects in patients
  24. product labeling
    important associated information that is not on the label of a drug product itself, but is provided with the product in the form of an insert, brochure, or other document
  25. Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act (CMEA)
    federal law that sets daily and monthly limits on OTC sale of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine
  26. Exempt narcotics
    medications with habit forming ingredients that could be dispenses by a pharmacist without a prescription to persons as least eighteen years of age
  27. dual marketing
    status of medications like Plan B that are classified as both prescription drugs  and OTC drugs
  28. controlled substance mark
    the mark (CII-CV) which indicates the control category of a drug with a potential for abuse
  29. Controlled substances
    five groups of drugs identified by the 1970 Controlled Substance Act (CSA) as having the potential for abuse and whose distribusion is is therefore strictly controlled by five control schedules set forth in the CSA
  30. adverse effects
    an unintended side effect of a medication that is negative or in some way injurious to a patient's health
  31. injunction
    a court order preventing a specific action, such as the distribution of a potentially dangerous drug
  32. recall
    the action taken to remove a drug from the market and have it returned to the manufacturer
  33. protocol
    specific guidelines for practice
  34. compliance
    doing what is required
  35. negligence
    failing to do something that should or must be done
  36. root word
    the base component of a term which gives it a meaning that may be modified by other components
  37. suffix
    a modifying component of a rem located at the end of the term
  38. prefix
    a modifying component of a term located at the beginning of a term
  39. combining vowel
    a vowel used to connect the prefix, root word, or suffix parts of a term
  40. systolic phase
    the blood pressure as the heart is pumping blood into the cariovascular system
  41. diastolic phase
    the blood pressure after the heart has completed a pumping stroke
  42. endocrine system
    a system of glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream
  43. alimentary tract
    the organs from the mouth to the anus
  44. integumentary system
    the body covering (skin, hair, nails)
  45. Gastrointestinal tract
    the organs involved in the digestion of foods and the absorption of nutrients
  46. Agonist muscles
    muscles that produce an outward movement or flexor movement
  47. antagonist muscles
    muscles that contract or bring the limb back to the original position
  48. neuron
    the functional unit or cell of the nervous system
  49. osseous tissue
    the rigid portion of the bone tissue
  50. aveoli
    a part of the lung where gases are exchanged between blood and the air
  51. nephron
    the functional unit or cell of the kidney responsible for removing wastes from the blood and producing urine
  52. lympanic membrane is also called
    ear drum
  53. what is cerumen
    ear wax
  54. conjunctiva
    the eyelid lining
  55. lacrimal gland
    the glands that produces tears for the eyse
  56. cornea
    the transparent outer part of the eye
  57. retina
    the inner lining of the eye that translates light into nerve impulses
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