CLEP Theories of Development

  1. Discontinuity or ___ theories
  2. Discontinuity or stage theories say that development progresses through a series of stages where
    • each stage has a task
    • must finish the task in order to progress to the next stage
  3. Continuity theories say that development is a
    steady growth process
  4. With ___ theories, changes come in small steps or incremements. Skills and behaviors improve but do not change qualitively.
  5. Compare Child Developemtn to Life Span Development
    • Child development: development is complete at the end of childhood/beginning of adolescence. Freud and Piaget apply.
    • Life span perspective: growth and change continue throughout the life span. Erik Erikson applies.
  6. Jean Piaget argued that all children progress through the same stages of cognitive development in the same order and at the same approximate age. Hence, for Piaget there was a ___ of cognitive development.
  7. Bronfenbrenner has created an ___ systems theory of development that describes various contexts in which development takes place and how the reciprocal relationship between the child and the people in these sociocultural contexts affect the child's development.
  8. Psychologists who are for the context-specific development point out that there are differences in development between people from
    collectivist cultures and people from individual cultures.
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