History Final

  1. Describe Democracy and who it is attributed to
    people have a say, Locke?
  2. Describe Absolute monarch and who it is attributed to
    all power is in the hands of the monarch- hobbes
  3. describe natural and to whom its attributed
    all humans have rights from birth, Locke
  4. describe freedom of speech and to whom its attributed
    government can't control what you say, Voltaire
  5. What was the most radical desire of women during the Enlightenment?
    they wanted the same natural rights that men had
  6. How does the US constitution show influence of the Englightenment?
    Includes ideas of enlightened thinkers ie Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, social contract, branches(judicial, legilsative, executive), checks and balances
  7. Name leaders who embraced the principals of the Englightenment
    • US- George Washington/writers of constition
    • Prussia- Frederick the Great/ Voltaire
    • Russia- Catherine the Great/ Voltaire, Diderot
    • Hapsburg- Joseph II/ Enlightenment in general
  8. Explain meaning of Enlightenment
    was a time when people re-examined traditional beliefs developed during the age of reason
  9. Hobbes
    • social contract-agreement that gave up the state of nature for organized society
    • absolute monarchy
    • wrote leviathan
  10. Locke
    • natural rights- all humans
    • two treatises of government
    • rejected absolute monarchy
    • he liked people's ability to revolt against government
  11. montesquieu
    • spirit of the laws
    • liked britain's limited monarchy
    • separation of powers
  12. Voltaire
    • freedom of speech
    • detested slave trade
    • offended church
  13. diderot
    • encyclopedia
    • denounced slavery
  14. rousseau
    • most controversial
    • people were basically good, corrupt by society
    • wrote the social contract
    • hated all oppression
    • government should moderately control, and be elected by people
  15. adam smith
    • the wealth of nations
    • free market
    • laissez faire
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