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  1. admit
  2. permit
  3. omit/ important details had been omitted from the article
    省略/ fail to include someone/thing either deliberately or you forgot
  4. remit (n)/ the remit is to examine how staff deal with abusive customers.
    責任範圍 a particualr area of work that someone is responsible for
  5. remit (v)/ please remit payment by cheque
    匯款 to send a payment
  6. remit money, remittance (n)
  7. remit (v)/ the court remitted the matter to the agency for reconsideration.
    減免 to free someone from a debt or punishment
  8. reimburse (v) the company will reimburse you for your travelling expense
    退款、償還give someone the same amount of money that they have spent, for example on something connected with their work
  9. prominence
    顯著性 significance
  10. promissory note
    期票a document giving the details of your promise to pay someonea a particualr amount of money by a specific date
  11. premise n./ the conclusions in the report were based on a false premise./ we started from the premise that the situation can get no worse.
    前提 a principle or statement that you consider to be true, that you base ohter ideas and actions on
  12. wording n./ the wording of the proposal needs careful consideration/ i can't recall the exact wording
    說法 the words that are used in a particualr piece of writing or speech
  13. expose / the melting snow expose the spring flowers. Many of the soldiers had been exposed to radiation.
    v. 暴露、揭露、拆穿
  14. impose / they have imposed restrictions on trade with foreign companies. i wouldn't want to impose my views on anyone. this new tax is imposing an unfair burden on employers.
    v. 強加 in introduce sth such as a new law or new system and force people to accept it
  15. repose
    n. v. a calm or relaxed state. 休息、養神
  16. suppose
    v. 假設、想
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