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  1. dominance/ with this victory, the team has maintained its dominance of European football./ She exercised a dominant influence on the firm
    n. 主導 a situation in which one person or thing has influence or power than other
  2. dominant/ the company cannot presreve its domiant position in the market.
    adj. 主導、優勢
  3. dominate/ she trends to dominate the conversation.
    v. 主宰、優勢、支配、控制
  4. critic /She has been the strongest critic of the government's tax proposals./ critics say the plan is short-sighted and dangerous.
  5. critical / people have been critical of the way she has handled the affair. what happens in the next few days is critical to our success.
    adj. 臨界、危急、批評、嚴重, very important
  6. criticism/ he finds criticism of his team's performance hard to take.
    n. 批評 comment that show that you think something is wrong or bad
  7. critique/ a radical critique of blobalization
    n. 批評 a careful written exanmination of a subject that includes the writer's opinions.
  8. satisfied/ honestly, some people are never satisfied. the president delared himself satisfied with the progress of the talks.
    adj. 滿意 pleased with what has happened or with what you have achieved
  9. satisfaction/ i got a lot of satisfaction from working in the garden.
    n. 滿意
  10. satisfactory / i have still not received a satisfactory answer to my question. his work is far from satisfactory.
  11. satisfactorily
    adv. 滿意地
  12. persist/ they are determined to persist with their campaign. she persisted in her refusal to pay. why do you presist in denying that it was your fault?
    v. to continue to do or say something in a determined way 堅持
  13. persistent/ authough she told him she knew nothing, he was very persistent.
    adj. 一貫 continuing to do something in a determnined way
  14. persistence / his persistence was finally rewarded by a reply from the minister himself. doctors are worried about the persistence of his fever.
    n.u 堅持 the attitude or behaviour
  15. persistently
    adv. 堅持地
  16. operatic /
    adj. 歌劇的
  17. electric/ electric kettle, socket, plug, cable
    adj. 電動的
  18. electrical/ electrical engineering. the fire was caused by an electrical fault
    adj. 電動的
  19. electrically
    adv. 電動地
  20. electron
    n. 電子 a part of an atom that moves around the nucleus and has a negative electrical charge
  21. specialist
    n. 專家
  22. specials / our fish special tonight is salmon in a lemon-cream sauce. there was a TV special on the Olympics.
    n. something produced for a particular time or day
  23. specialize/ a lawyer who specializes in taxation.
    v. 專攻 to be an expert in a particualr part
  24. specialization / the course offers three areas of specialization- fine art, graphic design, and fashion
    n. 專業領域 the study of a particualr of wide subject
  25. contractor / a building contractor
    n.c a person or company whose job is to provide goods or to do work for anothers at a particular price 包商
  26. contraction / woman's womb that help to push a baby during birth. Contraction of cooling metal.
    v. 收縮
  27. designation
    n. 指定、號稱、定名
  28. designated / picnicking is only allowed in desiagnated areas. the designated person to lead staff out of the building in an emergency is the person sitting closest to the exit.
    adj. 指定
  29. speculate / we can only speculate on the reason for his sudden resignation.
    v. 推測
  30. speculative / Scientists dismiss suggestions that the substance is toxic as highly speculative.
    adj. 推測的
  31. speculation / there has been a great deal of speculation about what will happen after the elections.
    n. 推測 ideas or discussion about why something has happened or what might happen
  32. speculator
    n. 投機者
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