Chapter 17

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  1. He died in 1978, year of 3 popes
    Pope Paul VI
  2. worked to show the Church's concern for international justice and world peace.
    Pope Paul VI
  3. took Pope Paul VI's place
    John Paul I
  4. visited holy land to visit historical and religious sites and to innate dialogue with Muslims, and brought message of reconciliation.
    John Paul II
  5. reached out to members of the Jewish faith-2000 Jubilee year
    John Paul II
  6. helped bring end to Soviet Communists rule in Russia and much Eastern Europe
    John Paul II
  7. wrote encyclicals that focused on social justice, placed new emphasis on human rights and religious freedom
    John Paul II
  8. 1st non Italian pope since the 16th century  youngest pope since Pius IX.
    John Paul II
  9. Archbishop of Kirakow, Poland
    John Paul II
  10. John Paul II
    took John Paul I place
  11. What two things did John Paul II call Catholics to do?
    To stand up for the "Culture of Death" and to stand up for truth in the face of moral relativism, the viewpoint that concepts such as right and wrong, good or evil, change from culture to culture and situation
  12. What was described in Veritatis Splendor? when was it
    1993 described humanity's dependence on God and divine law and how real freedom depends on the truth
  13. What did Evangelium Vitae say? when was it?
    1995 spoke about the sacredness of all human life from conception to natural death.
  14. What happened in 1986?
    John Paul II appointed a commission of 12 cardinals and bishops led by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger to preside over the writing of the new Catechism of the Catholic Church
  15. The new Catechism was published ________ and was to be a "__________________________"
    • 1992
    • sure norm for teaching the faith
  16. What did Benedict XVI do?
    to be obedient to God's word and not to change it or water it down. also encouraged the youth at World Youth Day 2005 to chage the world through true revolution, through God
  17. In 1977 _________ makes Fr. Ratzinger archbishop of __________.
    • Paul VI
    • Munioh
  18. In 1981 __________ names Fr. Ratzinger _______________.
    • John Paul II
    • Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
  19. What is the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in charge of?
    uploading and safe guarding the doctrine of the church
  20. Why was World Youth Day established?
    To spread the message of reconciliation and to strengthen young people's faith. It also showed that the Church can still relate and teach to the youth.
  21. What two people did John Benedict XVI take his name in honor of?
    Benedict XV, who pleaded for peace during WWI and St. Benedict that founded monasticism.
  22. Follow ____________, Father RatZinger gain the international reputation as a gifted _________.
    • Vatican II
    • Theologian
  23. Part of ____________ is taking more and more personal responsibility for your life.
  24. ______________ means treating your body and the bodies of others with proper respect and care
    Physical Responsibility
  25. __________________ means learning as much as you can and opening your mind to the knowledge that you will need as you grow older.
    Mental Responsibility
  26. ________________ means listening to your feelings ans to those of others
    Emotional responsibility
  27. _______________ means recognizing your dependence on God.
    Spiritual responsibility
  28. Working hard on your relationship with Jesus and taking part as an active member of the Church
    Spiritual responsibility
  29. using your mind to make good and wise choices
    mental responsibility
  30. using your physical skills in a positive and virtuous way.
    physical responsibility
  31. practicing self control and being accountable for your actions
    emotional responsibility
    John Paul I
  33. One key to the mystery of life is knowing that you were ________________
    created for a reason
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