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  1. contamination
     contact with or presence of a material (contaminant) that is present where it does not belong and that is somehow harmful to persons, animals, or the environment.
  2. dissemination
  3. domestic terrorism
     terrorism directed against the government or population without foreign diretion. See also terrorism; international terrorism.
  4.  exposure
     the dose or concentration of an agent multiplied by the time, or duration.
  5. international terrorism
      terrorism that is foreign-based or directed. see also terrorism; domestic terrorism
  6. permeation
     the movement of a substance through a surface or, on a molecular level, through intact materials; penetration, or spreading
  7. rem
     roentgen equivalent (in) man; a measure of radiation dosage.
  8. routes of entry
    pathways into the body, generally by absorption, ingestion, injection, or inhalation
  9. secondary devices
     destructive devices, such as bombs, placed to be activated after an initial attack and timed to injure emergency responders and others who rush in to help care for those targeted by an initial attack
  10. strategies
     broad general plans designed to achieve desired outcomes.
  11. tactics
     specific operational actions to accomplish assigned tasks.
  12. terrorism
     the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives (US department of justice, FBI, definition).
  13. weaponization
     packaging or producing a material, such a s a chemical, biological, or radiological agents, so that it can be used as a weapon; for example, by dissemination in a bomb detonation or as an aerosol sprayed over an area or introduced into a ventilation system.
  14. weapons of mass destruction (WMD)
     weapons, devices, or agents inteded to cause widespread harm and0/or fear among a population.
  15. zoonotic
     able to move through the aminal-human barrier; transmissible from animals to humans
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