1. in or to another country or countries

    v/do zahraničí
    abroad (adv) /əˈbrɔːd/
  2. a place for sb to live or stay

    accommodation (n) /əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃn/
  3. a large bag, often on a metal frame, that you carry on your back when you are travelling

    backpack (n) /ˈbækpæk/
  4. bags, suitcases, etc. used for carrying sb’s clothes and things on a journey

    baggage (n) /ˈbæɡɪdʒ/
  5. a small book with pictures and information about sth

    brožura, prospekt
    brochure (n) /ˈbrəʊʃə/
  6. sleeping or having a holiday in a tent

    táboření, kempování
    camping (n) /kæmpɪŋ/
  7. to sleep without a bed, especially outside in a tent

    tábořit, kempovat
    camp (v) /kæmp/
  8. a place where you can stay in a tent

    tábor, kemp
    campsite (n) /ˈkæmpsaɪt/
  9. the town or city where the government of a country is

    hlavní město
    capital city (n) /ˈkæpɪtl ˈsɪti/
  10. a holiday in which you travel on a ship and visit a number of different places

    výletní plavba
    cruise (n) /kruːz/
  11. a service, building, piece of equipment, etc. that makes it possible to do sth

    zařízení, vybavení
    facility (pl facilities) (n) /fəˈsɪləti (fəˈsɪlətiz)/
  12. belonging to or connected with a country that is not your own

    foreign (adj) /ˈfɒrən/
  13. a person who is staying at a hotel, etc.

    guest (n) /ˈɡest/
  14. a small hotel, sometimes in a private house

    guesthouse (n) /ˈɡesthaʊs/
  15. person who shows tourists or people who are travelling where to go

    průvodce, průvodkyně
    guide (n) /ˈɡaɪd/
  16. a book that gives information about a place to tourists or people who are travelling

    průvodce, cestovní příručka
    guidebook (n) /ˈɡaɪdbʊk/
  17. a place where you pay to stay when you are on holiday or travelling

    hotel (n) /həʊˈtel/
  18. the control point at an airport, port, etc. where the official documents of people who want to come into a country are checked

    imigrační kontrola
    immigration (n) /ˌɪmɪˈɡreɪʃn/
  19. bags, suitcases, etc. used for carrying sb’s clothes and things on a journey

    luggage (n) /ˈlʌɡɪdʒ/
  20. (having) a period of rest from work or school (often when you go and stay away from home)

    dovolená (na dovolené), prázdniny (na prázdninách)
    (on) holiday (n) (on) vacation (Am) (n) /(ɒn) ˈhɒlədeɪ//(ɒn) vəˈkeɪʃn/
  21. to ask for a seat, table, room, etc. to be available at a future time

    (za)rezervovat, zamluvit
    reserve (v) /rɪˈzɜːv/
  22. a seat, table, room, etc. that you have reserved

    reservation (n) /rezəˈveɪʃn/
  23. a trip to see or hunt wild animals, especially in East Africa

    safari (n) /səˈfɑːri/
  24. visiting the sights of a city, etc. as a tourist

    prohlížení pamětihodností
    sightseeing (n) /ˈsaɪtsiːɪŋ/
  25. a box with a handle that you use for carrying your clothes, etc. in when you are travelling

    suitcase (n) /ˈsuːtkeɪs/
  26. taking off most of your clothes and sitting or lying in the sun in order to get a tan (= darker skin)

    opalování (se), slunění
    sunbathing (n) /ˈsʌnbeɪðɪŋ/
  27. a small structure made of cloth that is held up by poles and ropes.You use a tent to sleep in when you go camping.

    tent (n) /tent/
  28. a journey that you make for pleasure during which you visit many places

    (okružní) cesta, zájezd
    tour (n) /ˈtɔːr/
  29. a person who visits a place for pleasure

    turista, turistka
    tourist (n) /ˈtɔːrɪst/
  30. a journey to a place and back again, either for pleasure or for a particular purpose

    trip (n) /trɪp/
  31. a house that people rent and stay in on holiday

    letní sídlo/vila
    villa (n) /ˈvɪlə/
  32. an official mark or piece of paper that shows you are allowed to enter, leave or travel through a country

    visa (n) /ˈviːzə/
  33. to go to see a person or place for a period of time

    visit (v) /ˈvɪzɪt/
  34. a person who visits sb/sth

    návštěvník, návštěvnice
    visitor (n) /ˈvɪzɪtə(r)/
  35. a cheap and simple place to stay, especially for young people, when they are travelling

    mládežnická ubytovna
    youth hostel (n) /ˈjuːθ hɒstl/
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