Chapter 19

  1. Name the statute and administrative code numbers for:
    a. Timeshares
    b. Mobile Homes
  2. Provide:
    a. 7 responsibilities of a mobile home park owner.
    b. 2 prohibitions imposed upon mobile home park owners.
    c. 4 responsibilities of mobile home owners.
  3. A mobile home association:
    a. Must be created by a minimum of __ mobile home owners
    b. Bylaws must include the following provisions (name 12)
  4. Grounds for eviction of a mobile home owner by the mobile home park owner include:
  5. The Florida Mobile Home Relocation Corporation:
    a. Is appointed by and composed of:
    b. Oversees:
  6. A mobile home owner is entitled to compensation if he must move home due to:
  7. If a mobile home park woner fails to pay the Florida Mobile HOme Relocation Corporation within __ days after receipt of invoice, he must pay:
    a. 30 days late: __
    b. 60 days late: __
    c. 90 days late: __
    d. 120 days late: __
  8. The Timeshare Act:
    a. F.S. ___
    b. Formal name:
    c. Applies to:
    d. Establishes procedures for:
  9. Define the following in a Timeshare:
    a. Accommodations
    b. Agreement in deed
    c. Common expenses
    d. Exchange Program
  10. Exceptions to the Timeshare Act include:
  11. Name 8 of 10 expenses that must be included in a timeshare budget:
  12. Name 7 of the 9 requirements for management of a timeshare:
  13. Name 15 of the 21 issues discussed in Part 1 of the Timeshare Act.
  14. Explain what the owners association must comply with.
  15. What must an out of state time share doe to comply with Florida Statutes?
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Chapter 19
To understand the laws that govern timeshare communities. To lear about the laws that govern mobile home communities.