DIT day 8

  1. rx for acute mesenteric ischemia?
    • bowel rest
    • ng tube decompression
    • heparin
    • papverine
    • necrotic bowel resection
  2. when do you prophylax again meningitis?
    • n.meningitidis
    • h. influenza
  3. what people have celiac sprue?
    down syndrome people
  4. rx for tropical sprue?
  5. what conditions have abnormal D-xylose test?
    • sprue
    • whipple
    • bacterial overgrowth
  6. test for giardia
    ova and parasites x 3
  7. stool osmotic gap below what means secretory diarrhea?
    above what value means osmotic diarrhea?
    below 50--- secretory

    above 50---- osmotic
  8. most common cause for adult chronic diarrhea';
    lactose intolerance
  9. rx for IBS?
    Anti depressants for diarrhea predominant
  10. uc or crohns has panca?
    uc has panca
  11. 2 5 asa agents?
    • mesalamine
    • sulfasalazine
  12. sulfasalazine is used for small bowel or large bowel?
    large bowel-need colonic bacteria to break it down
  13. which one has bloody diarhea, uc or crohns?
  14. rx for sbo?
    rest, ng tube decompression initially

    if no improvement or complete obstruction--surgery
  15. how does appendicitis cause wbc and rbc in urine?
    by irritating ureters
  16. best initial test for appendicits in kids?
  17. rx for ileus?
    • erythromycin
    • neostigmine
    • metoclopramide
  18. rx for tropical sprue?
    folate + fq
  19. LLQ pain relieved with defacation?
  20. rx for diverticulitis?
    mild--bowel rest + antibiotics

  21. first line rx for anal fissures?
    • stool softener
    • topical nitroglycerin
  22. stage 3 of colorectal cancer has what?
    lymph node involvement
  23. what is the surveillance post colorectal cancer?
    • cea every 3 months
    • ct of chest, abd, pelvis every 1 year
    • colonoscopy every 1,3, 5 years
  24. lower gi bleed and colonoscopy is normal, next step?
  25. child's classification of operative mortality in pts with liver disease?
    • a ascites
    • b ilirubin
    • e encephalopathy
    • a albumin
    • n- inr
  26. rx for wilsons?
    • trientene
    • penicillamine
    • zinc
  27. rx for pbc?
    ursodeoxycholic acid
  28. which fatty acids dont need bile?
    medium chain fa
  29. failure to thrive criteria <2 yo?
    • less than 80% ¬†ideal weight for age
    • less then 5% percentile weight for age
    • weight for length less than 10%
  30. most accurate test for iron toxicity?
    serum iron >350 mg/dl
  31. what hemolytic anemia causes thrombosis?
  32. marker of increased bone deposition?
    marker of increased bone resorption?
    • alp
    • urinary n telopeptide
  33. next step in management of a pleural effusion?
  34. rx for acute mediastinitis?
    drainage and antibiotics
  35. rx for hypersensitivity pneumonitis?
    avoidance of the exposure to the antigen
  36. 3 anabolic steroids?
    • stanazol
    • nadrolone
    • testosterone
  37. how is complex partial seizure different from partial seizure with secondary generalization?
    parital seizre with secondary generatlization has tongue biting, foaming at the mouth and incontinence
  38. Lennox-Gaustat seizure affect what age and have what comorbidity?
    • <7 yo
    • pts have mental retardation
  39. 2 diseases that have decreased DLCO?a

    Restrictive lung dz---all of them
  40. what shud be given to close contacts of an active hep a dz in a patient?
    iv ig
  41. when is tips performed?
    when medical and endoscopical therapies have failed
  42. epiglottitis rolling in from side to side is diagnostic of?
  43. what antibiotics promotes gall stone formation?
  44. pseudocyesis is a form of what disorder?
    conversion disorder
  45. when does fetal demise occur?
    between 20 weeks of gestation and onset of labor
  46. which one has skin lesions, histo or blasto?
  47. what profile is seenin DIC?
    low platelets, low fibrinogen, high D dimer, high PT, high PTT, high bleeding time
  48. focal segmental glomeruloscleoris is is common in what patients?
    • hiv¬†
    • heroin
    • african americans
  49. how does a ligamental tear vs meniscal tear of the knee compare in presentaiton?
    both have popping sensations but meniscal tear has swellling the next day and ligamental tear happens right away
  50. episcleritis occurs wwith what 2 inflammatory conditions/.
    • ra
    • ibd
  51. increased tendon reflexes, electrolyte?

    decreased tendon reflexes, electrolyte?

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