Sales Order Processing

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  1. Name the organizational units relevant for sales order processing?
    • a. Company code
    • b. Sales area                                       
    •    i. Sales organization
    •   ii. Distribution channel   
    •  iii. Division

    • c. Plant
    • d. Storage location
    • e. Shipping point
  2. Can a Sales Organizational be assigned to more than one company code?(no)
    but more than one sales organization can be assigned to a company
  3. What are the three organizational units that make up the sales area?
    • a. Sales organization
    • b. Distribution channel
    • c. division
  4. What are the responsibilities of the sales org?
    • a. Distributing goods and services
    • b. Negotiating sales contracts

    • Product
    • liability and rights of recourse
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