ERP Basics

  1. What are the components of mySAP Business Suite?
    • ERP, SCM (Supply chain management), SRM
    • (supplier relationship management), PLM (product lifecycle management) ,
    • CRM (customer relationship management)
  2. Distinguish between master and transaction data
    Master data – fixed data – business objects

    Transaction data – the result of business activities – closed out at the end of each period
  3. What does the R/3 system create when a transaction occurs?
    A document
  4. A plant can manufacture and distribute a product, but it cannot provide a service. (True or False)
    False – both services and material products are produced by plant – MUST have a plant
  5. A client is a legal entity responsible for balance sheets and profit/loss statements. (True or False)
    False – The company is the entity for which BS & P&L is produced
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