Sociology Final

  1. WHat is stratification?
    THe ranking from high to low.
  2. 3 compononents of social class?
    • Income
    • Education
    • Occupational Prestige
  3. Over lifetime, how much more will a college grad ear than highschool graduate?
    Over 1 Million
  4. According to davis and moore, why is stratification functional for a society?
    It helps the most talented of persons within a society undergo a long training needed to fill the most important jobs in society
  5. What r 3 top ranked positions in US today?
    • Physician
    • Lawyer
    • University Professor
  6. Who most likely to be poor?
    • Females
    • Childrens
    • Blacks
    • &
    • Hispanics
  7. WHat is poverty line in US today?
    20,000 FOR Family of four
  8. What is social mobility?
    Moving up or down from position of ones family
  9. WHat is key factor allowing ppl to rise above their origins?
  10. what is meant by the feminization of poverty?
    Increasing # of women whom are single mothers whose wages fall below the poverty line?
  11. What characteristic is race based?
    What characteristic is ethnicity based?
    • race = physical traits
    • ethnicity = cultural traits
  12. What is aminority group?
    any GROUP that has less power than dominant group in society.
  13. In la pieres research on the reception given to a Chinese couple on the west coast, did he find if the managers discriminated against him?
    • NO
    • Predjudice = YES
  14. WHat is prejudice?
    an attitude that ppl belonging to a certain group have certain traits.
  15. What is discrimination?
    behavior that treats ppl unfairly based on race or ethnicity
  16. after WW2 when a mister greenburg wrote hotels asking for reservation vs a mister lockman who received fewer responses to reservation?
    Greenburg got less
  17. which minority groups are the poorest?
    • Blacks
    • Hispanics and
    • Native Americans
  18. which minority group has achieved the highest level of education?
  19. Which ethnic group is the largest?
  20. 4 effects of ingesting marijuana.
    • red eyes
    • dry mouth
    • increased heartbeat
    • short term memory loss
  21. WHat were the 3 effects of smoking reefer in the movie?
    • dancing wildly
    • Kissing and making out
    • Immediate intoxication
    • Hallucinations
  22. What happened to Ralph and his female companion and as well as to billy?
  23. Which 1 has highest income?
    Southeast Asian indians
  24. Why did the cave dwellers leave an etching that gave us information about the types of sex they might have engaged in.
    • Bestiality
    • Orgies
    • 3 somes
  25. In what ancient society did homosexuality flourish?
    Greek empire
  26. Until recently what sexual behavior has been thought to cause insanity?
  27. How often do married couples have sexual intercourse?
    once a year
  28. How often do cohabiting couples have sexual intercourse?
    2-3 times a week
  29. How often do singles couples have sexual intercourse?
    Least often of the 3.
  30. WHich ethnic and racial groups have oral sex most often?
    • Whites
    • Blacks = least often
  31. Which ethnic group waits the longest to have sex?
  32. What is the effect of geting B.A or M.A on the percent of persons experiencing main sexual problems?
    It is clitoris
  33. What is G spot?
  34. What is a family?
    2 or more persons related through blood, mariage, or adoption
  35. What is difference between nuclear or extended family?
    • Nuclear - parents and kids only
    • Extended - one member from another generation added to the nuclear unit
  36. What is homogomy?
    pattern of marrying someone like ourselves.
  37. What do we usually have in common with our marriage partner?
    • Race
    • Religion
    • Education
    • Age
  38. What is propinquity?
    Geographical closeness
  39. What % of Americans will marry at least once?
  40. What is the average age for males first marriage?
    • Male = 28
    • Female = 26
  41. Of 18 - 24 year olds what % live at home with parents.
  42. Which type of family is the most common in US today?
    Dual income
  43. What is a major problem in dual income families?
    Lack of time for sex.
  44. What advantages do dual income families have over single income homes?
    more money?
  45. In typical family with 4 children in the 1950s what characterized the oldest child?
    • oldest = conformity
    • 2nd oldest = Rebellious
    • 3rd oldest = Neglect
    • 4th Oldest = spoiled
  46. who r dinks?
    dual income no kids suburbanites
  47. What % of cohabitors will eventually marry?
    over half
  48. What are the 3 warning signs that a marriage may be in trouble?
    Marry at an earlier age than average, having one or both set parents disapprove of it, have a child at the 1st year of marriage.
  49. What did the couples married over 20 years say helped them stay together?
    Being best friends, having a sense of humor, like each other.
  50. In the US in 2008, what % of everything produced in US went to healthcare?
  51. what i been argued to be the main reason that healthcare in US is increasing in cost?
    Increasing in cost
  52. what is the definition of health and illness?
    • Health: Well being
    • Illness: Not feeling well
  53. What the difference in acute and chronic conditions?
    • Acute = short term and more often children problems
    • Chronic = Long term and more adult problems
  54. What is current life expectancies in us:
    • Female:80.8
    • Male: 75.6
  55. three reason why men live less longer than women?
    • More risks
    • Dangerous Jobs
    • More rush hour driving
    • Drink More
  56. How does canada manage to pay less for healthcare than US and still seem to give its citizens better healthcare?
    • Less administration
    • Use old generic drugs
  57. What are the manifest function sof educations?
    • learned skills and knowledge
    • Places you in an occupation that matches your ability
    • promotes national unity and patriotism
  58. what are 3 latent functions of education?
    • FInd a marriage partner
    • Delaying youth from entering job market
    • Acting as a babysitter for young children
  59. Conflict theorist disagree with functions of education. Instead, they argue those whom get higher degrees are from what families?
    Wealthier families
  60. In the study done in San francisco y rosenthal and jabson the self fulfilling prophecy was examined. When they lie dto the teachers and certain random students were the smartest ones, what happened to those kids?

    What did the teachers dotowards them to encourage them?

    What grades did thes higher iq kids spurt ahead? (1-3)
    They spurted ahead in IQ

    Called upon them more, smiled more,
  61. What ethnicity benefited the most from being labeled smart?
  62. In us in 2008 what % of everything produced in US went to healthcare?
  63. What is alienation?
    Disliking ones job
  64. what r some symptoms of alienation
    • slow pace of workers
    • sabbotage
    • high absenteeism
    • alcohol & drug problems
  65. In the study of 4 workers textile worker, auto assembly workers, printers, and chemical processors which are most alienated?
    • Most = auto assembly
    • Least = Textile
  66. in study of white and blue collar workers were asked if they could sttart over, which group was most likely to say they would choose the same job?
  67. WHich jobs r the lowest paying?
    Those working with  the elderly
  68. which is been the most lucrative job of a former student who obtained a ba in sociology?
    Personal director of group homes.
  69. In what ancient society was kinky sex on public display?
    Roman empire
  70. What female organ in their body is there only for sexual pleasure
    The clitoris
  71. What is the G-spot
    on the top of the vagina about an inch in.
  72. How does an orgasm occur?
    The genitals become engorged with blood and enlarges with arousal.
  73. What may accompany a G-spot orgasm?
  74. What is the average size for the male penis?
    5.8 inches
  75. What is the average girth?
    a D battery
  76. what is the effect of circumscism on males?
    • less sensitive due to constant rubbing of head on pants
    • less likely to get STI
    • Less likely for premature ejaculations
  77. What benefits the prostate gland the most?
    Experiencing orgasm often
  78. how many percent of females report not having an orgasm yet?
  79. How many males report having premature orgasms?
  80. What was found to occur in rats deprived with vitamin E.
    sterile within 2 generations
  81. what has been found regarding zinc and the sex drive?
    without zinc there is no sex drive
  82. Whats the food with the highest concentration of zinc?
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