Classification of epithelia cells

  1. Simple epithelium provide some protection, but its major functions are:
    Secretion and absorbtion
  2. Stratified epithelium mainly function to
    Provide proctection from mechanical or chemical stresses.
  3. Simple squamous epithelium is found in:
    • -mesothelia lining in ventral body cavities
    • -endothelia lining heart and blod vessels
    • -kidney tubules
    • -inner lining of cornea
    • -alveoli of lungs
  4. The inner ling of cornea, alveoli of lungs, portions of kidney tubules and mesothelia and endothelia linings are made up of which classification of epithelium?
    simple squamous epithelium
  5. Functions of simple squamous epithelium include:
    • -reduction of friction
    • -control of vessel permeability
    • -absorption and secretion
  6. Stratified squamous epithelium is located:
    • -surface of skin
    • -lining of mouth, throat and esophagus
    • -lining of rectum, anus and vagina
  7. Superficial epithelial layers that are tough and water resistant are ____.
  8. Simple cuboidal epithelium is located in
    • -glands
    • -ducts
    • -portions of kidney tubules
    • -thyroid glands
  9. Glands, ducts and the thyroid gland are made up of which type of epithelium
    simple cuboidal epithelium
  10. Simple cuboidal epithelium function to
    • -provide limited protection
    • -secrete & absorb
  11. Stratified cuboidal epithelium are found in
    ducts of sweat glands and mammary glands
  12. Four shapes of epithelial tissue
    squamous; cuboidal; transitional; columnar
  13. Transitional epithelium is located in
    • -urinary bladder
    • -renal pelvis of kidney
    • -ureters
  14. Function of transitional epithelium
    -expansion and recoil after stretching
  15. Simple columnar epithelium located in
    • -lining of stomach
    • -intestine
    • -gallbladder
    • -uterine tubes
    • -collecting ducts of kidneys
  16. Which type of epithelia can be dound in the lining of the stomach, intestine, gallbladders, uterine tubes, and collecting ducts of kidneys
    simple columnar epithelium
  17. Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium can be found in the
    • -lining of nasal cavity, trachea and bronchi
    • -portions of male reproductive tract
  18. function of ciliated columnar epithelium?
    protection and secretion
  19. stratified columnar epithelium functions to
  20. where is stratified columnar epithelium located
    • small areas of the pharynx
    • -epiglottis
    • -anus
    • -mammary gland
    • -salivary gland ducts
    • -urethra
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