Software Apps Semester Exam

  1. The way the text in a paragraph lines up relative to the page margins is called:
  2. Attributes such as bold, italics, underline are a type of:
  3. X2 is a mathematical expression. The "2" is an example of what special character?
  4. Tables divide information between rows and columns that form ______ where they intersect.
  5. Font sizes are measured in:
  6. When writing a paper using MLA format, the pagination is located where?
    Top right corner in the header on every page
  7. To change your margins, you would go to:
    Page layout tab, page setup group, margins
  8. To apply a header to your page, you would go to:
    Insert tab, header & footer group, header
  9. H2O means water. The "2" represents what special character?
  10. To make a row or column into one big cell in a table, you would apply what feature?
    merge cells
  11. The paragraph mark is a formatting mark that indicates where the ______ was pressed.
    enter key
  12. The small round circles, called ______, which surrounds graphics, can be used to change the dimensions of the graphic.
    sizing handles
  13. The correct order of your heading when using MLA format is: (there are four items total!)
    Your name, teacher's name, class name, due date
  14. You center text vertically be going to:
    page layout tab, page setup group, layout, vertical alignment
  15. To add a row to the bottom of a table, position the insertion point in the bottom-right corner cell and then press ______ on the keyboard.
  16. The indent used on a works cited page is called:
    hanging indent
  17. To set dotted leader tabs (.........) in a document, go to:
    home tab, paragraph group, tabs
  18. This group contains functions for bold, italics, underline, change text color, etc.
  19. You would use the sort button to:
    Alphabetize or sort numbers in ascending or descending order (put info in alphabetical order)
  20. The bucket button under the paragraph group allows you to do what?
  21. To highlight your entire page, press the ______ key(s).
    Ctrl + A
  22. ______ characters display somewhat thicker and darker than normal.
  23. The default font in Word 2007 is ______.
  24. The ______ button on the Quick Access Toolbar allows you to cancel your recent commands or actions.
  25. To resize a graphic you have inserted into the document, first select the graphic, then ______.
    drag the sizing handles
  26. Write an examples of MLA pagination format.
    Dong 1
  27. The ______ box arrow on the Home tab allows you to change the font size of text.
    Font size
  28. A location on the horizontal ruler that tells Word where to position the insertion point when you press the TAB key is called a ______.
    tab stop
  29. By default, Word places a tab stop at every ______ inch mark on the ruler.
  30. To move a picture freely around the page, you would need to change the:
    text wrapping
  31. How many ways can you center text? What are they called?
    2 - Horizontal, vertical
  32. What does the format painter do?
    Copies formatting applied to text
  33. What does an indent do?
    Moves text away from margins
  34. How many ways can you horizontally align your text? What are they called?
    4 - Left, center, right, justify
  35. What alignment should your tabs be when working with numbers?
  36. To multiply cells, you would use this symbol:
  37. When you see the ###### in a column, this means that:
    the number is too big to fit in the cell (column needs to be wider)
  38. Which button allows you to quickly add columns or rows of numbers?
  39. Which button do you use to reverse your last action?
  40. Which key should you press to move down one cell in a worksheet?
  41. Which group would you use to insert and delete rows and columns?
  42. Name all the functions we learned in class (7).
    maximum, minimum, average, count, sum, Autosum, if
  43. The ______ function is a function used to determine the lowest number in a range.
  44. Numbers in a spreadsheet are aligned:
  45. ______ means the printout is printed horizontally on the page.
  46. ______ means the printout is printed vertically on the page.
  47. When more than one arithmetic operator is involved in a formula, Excel follows the same basic ______ that is used in algebra.
    order of operations
  48. A(n) ______ takes a value or values, performs an operation, and returns a result to the cell.
  49. Excel has a function, called the ______ function, that displays the highest value in a range.
  50. The dialog box, also called ______, is the bar that contains the contents of a cell.
    formula bar
  51. After adding a header and/or footer, you would press this button to return to the default view:
    normal view
  52. You would go to the ______ tab to find the chart group.
  53. Headers and footers are separated into ______ section(s).
  54. When you Autofit a column, you double-click the ______ border of the column heading.
  55. The button used to change the direction of text is called:
  56. To save a saved document using a new name you would use:
    save as
  57. Using the ______ button on the ribbon instructs Excel to Display additional decimal places in a cell.
    increase decimal
  58. When Excel starts and the blank spreadsheet displays on the screen, all of the columns have a default width of ______.
  59. To rename sheets, double-click the sheet tab in the lower-left corner of the window, type the new sheet name, then press the ______ key.
  60. The ______ preceding a formula is important because it alerts Excel that a formula or function is being entered and not text.
    equal sign
  61. A blank cell in Excel has a numerical value of ______.
  62. The ______ function is a function that sums the numbers in a specified range and then divides the sum by the number of non-zero cells in the range.
  63. When the dollar sign appears to the far left in a cell, often with spaces between it and the first digit, you are using ______ style.
  64. To highlight the entire spreadsheet you would press (this is ON the screen, not your keyboard):
    the button in the upper left corner of the spreadsheet
  65. The ______ is a format that displays numbers with a dollar sign to the left of the number, inserts a comma every three positions to the left of the decimal point, and rounds numbers to the nearest cent.
  66. Contains a letter and a number.
    cell reference
  67. Means that the width of a column will be increased or decreased so the widest entry will fit in the column.
  68. Section in page setup that allows you to fit a spreadsheet to one page.
  69. You use this feature to fill in a series of numbers instead of typing them all in.
  70. This allows your text to fit into one cell by changing the height of the row and allowing the text to appear on multiple lines.
    text wrapping
  71. A formal document used to communicate information.
  72. An organized way to store information so that it is easy for the computer to search for information.
  73. A feature that allows you to look at only the data that you need.
  74. The set of data that describes one item, shown in one row of a table.
  75. Lists the queries, tables, and other objects in your database.
    navigation pane
  76. An onscreen display where data can be added or changed.
  77. To put a list of data in ascending or descending order.
  78. Allows users to apply a specific type of format to data in a database.
    input mask
  79. An instruction that tells a database to show only certain information.
  80. A column in a table whose values uniquely identify the rows in the table.
    primary key
  81. Name the different ways to end a PowerPoint presentation.
    escape, going through whole thing/arrow keys, right click and end show (also with clear buttons in bottom left menu)
  82. Which tab would you use to add a theme?
  83. Which is the name for a button that connects you to another slide during a slide show? (this is NOT hyperlink)
  84. A(n) ______, when clicked, takes you to another slide, opens another file on your computer, or opens a Web page on the Internet?
  85. Which button would you use to return your bullet to the first level of bullets?
    decrease list level
  86. When trying to get out of slideshow view, which button would you need to press?
  87. Which keyboard key would you use to setup (begin) a slideshow?
  88. What is the rule you should follow for the amount of information contained on one slide?
    7 by 7 (7 x 7)
  89. You can select one slide transition and have it used for all of the slides by pressing this button:
    apply to all
  90. Name the nine slide layouts that the computer already has stored for you.
    title slide, title and content, section header, two content, comparison, title only, blank, content with caption, picture with caption
  91. Who does the PowerPoint benefit, the presenter or the audience?
  92. Which type of animation lets you draw your own motion path?
    Motion path
  93. When giving a presentation, you click the mouse to go to the next ______.
  94. Can slides be rearranged after the presentation is complete?
  95. Does the computer have stored layouts for your use?
  96. What are the backgrounds called?
  97. Can the fonts and colors be changed on the themes?
  98. What are the dotted boxes on the layouts called?
    Text boxes
  99. What is the default layout called when you first open PowerPoint?
    Title slide
  100. Should you use complete sentences on your slides?
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